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tearing the rag off the bush again
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The Empress

I built an enormous happiness from
baby hearts and sand. Then feeling whorish,
I left the palace of the Heavenly Emperor,
out the cloud gate, sword in hand. Some

would say I fled. I think of it as rolling over
a very great abyss. Asparagi root, clover,
Japonici (mai men dong), and some other
ingredients I can’t remember mothered

me along. It’s true. I realized it too
upon erecting and fleeing. There never
was a man. I had swallowed his temper
like the formula he was. Then feeling blue,

I left the palace of the Heavenly Emperor,
out the cloud gate, clutching a mirror and a will.

Astral Sonnets (1–4)


Geometry and the Moon creatures chased
a beautiful orange. His round mounded
lips eclipsed all reminiscences of home.
Earth (for her part) cast in the appointed
lineup three halves whose shadows stream-surfaced
like two at the end of the world. Wound and wounded
to see his wounded side. Deep worshipped comb.

Geometry and the moon’s animal disjointed.
As it was foretold: dipped and then blessed.
To gather a creature mythological, grounded.
To hold the undivided, to everlast, to roam.
Earth, for her part, cast at the anointed
her hour, her lot with the voice-dripped honey.
His shadow of Sol or Mani (of Mani).


Thirteen-thirteen that may be 39
interpretations, but their relative
holes indicate another black sample.

All data malleable in the midst
of perfect sources, as determined by
his spectral dark remnants whose neural shine

gives up analysis. Indicative
because was drawn along with the normal
solar masses. Better to have been blitzed

by perfect sources. As determined by
her dark-spectral remnants whose virile ion
sang collective.
Divided spiral
and its neutron.


Studded with broad wonders, scopic objects
in the sky command the Southern. This
region having given birth projects
cluster: Deep Sky. Minutes to see what else

round region holds, the region round the Tra-
pezium star. From sparkling, use
telescopes, binoculars, and awe.
And can easily chew up, if you choose

the lower left sky as darkness pause.
As the passive, the five planets, as
mesmerizing as it may be, as
at least a few bright swirls of gas,

and even Sirius
and even the mass.


I shall reply then with an example. Upon meeting others, a savage man will initially be frightened. Because of his fear he sees the others as bigger and stronger than himself. He calls them giants.
–Jean-Jacques Rousseau, On the Origin of Languages
To dodge these deadly molecular clouds,
rip these shedding a small red star in
to the witnessed. In principle, we might see
a perfect ring, the Sun’s age, countless other

open clusters that exceed objects.
Indeed. Most giant far from the galactic,
the destruction galaxy at large. [A]
But the galaxy would need, so inhabit the in-

ner galaxy. However relentlessly giant,
twenty or so will be shining still
irregular. If the two objects in
the outer Milky (in the outer Milky) . . .

if the galaxy is the slightest, chances are
a barred spiral, elliptical, chances are a,
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