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tearing the rag off the bush again
Five Poems PDF E-mail

Formal Hand Gesture

1.The Council on Foreign Relations has a gang sign
    they rule us with one wave of it
    given our issue of got to have my fair share
     from first dose we are sprung
2. Even Ozzie does it
3. Goat’s head
4. Greetings to brothers of the left handed path
5. All of Humanity
     in fields of poppies
     on sacrificial  alters
     in secret rituals we are
     offered  to gods who can not save us

666.  An oil tanker has been Christened
         in the name Satan’s handmaiden  says,
        “Let them eat Ezra Pound cake leaping  into their graves laughing!”

7. “ In ancient times no animal was sacrificed unless it was a perfect specimen”*

8. The Council lit candles as protesters marched against a war
     they carefully orchestrated

9. Formal gesture sinister

10 The blood letting continues
     memory is selective
      we choose to forget

 11. Iraqi grandmothers lay flowers on children’s graves
       (who will lay flowers on theirs?)
       grandchildren lay in pieces on cobble
       disfigured unrecognizable to their mothers

12.  Erroneous spelling of her name not jean
       invisible woman with invisible career
        is silenced by a small mishap
         surge of interest
         of her given name
          sublimates death toll under headline

13.    The Council wants you to know that everything is under control
         including  your mind your body and your soul

14.    Her petite shoe
         pink with white butterfly
         too small feet to fit
         in his combat boots
         but she has a toe tag  
         soldier’s feet 
         too big to fit
          in her shoes
15. grim outlook
       index of civil conflict
         arrow to pre-samara
         last week
          white arrow
          black arrow
meanwhile, must agreeably submit to mandated masturbation
 per the HIGHERPOWER (your government is looking out for your best interests)

1. pornography in production
    a method of wanting in a repulsive mood
     woman with frosty pink lipstick
     annoying voice contrived
      quasi romantic scenarios

2.  apple pie grandma instructs soccer mom how to
     use strap on dildo as prop
      she has three kids at home
       shops at market for sales on roast  and
        laundry soap
       secret internet connection
        Doesn’t recognize her in sweatshirt and dark circles

  3.   cartoon of a sordid
         no one should ever ask how
         is it an exchange of labor?
          violent/nonviolent framework
           obscurity of sex in incest and conflict
            occupy the landscape
           pays rent, depletes water
            true dreams deleted
           disrupted, distorted
            sleep in stained sheets
            tainted with must agreeably submit

4.    wash off the slime
        feed children
         commune with a godhead
        give a portion to save the environment
         take in stray creatures
          busy with the inner dying
         raise the United States Flag on your lawn
          maintain neighborly decorum
           help with homework

 5.     take a break from the boob tube
         go clubbing
        absorb local culture
        mc is funky, spooky and subliminal
        sings songs about retired porn stars
        mental telepathy
        is killing
        fondness for fallen women
        says we are all poor white
        looks like a post war movie poster
         spits on the mike
          crooner’s job is easy
          women swoon for cash
           entertainers are paid
           not to complain

* Tulie Kupferburg 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft

The Precautionary Principle; “Do No Harm First”

How will some give away a secret second genetic code?
From toxins hidden in our bread our daily
I am afraid to eat
Your wrinkly prehensile toes I could tolerate them in my grandchildren
I would revel in the blonde strawberry curls
But not turned off epigenetic
Lack of mental activity
Loss of music through your male bloodline
Loss of poetry through your maternal line
Body’s building blocks protein hormones abominations chemical warfare
Sperm fertilizes eggs don’t let industry wipe them clean
From us to off spring in a chemical switching system
1,800 new chemical are annually registered to counter attack our destiny
There is a revolution in genetic responsibility fertilizes my eggs
Returns the blood moon to her rightful place in the Farmer’s Almanac


The Federalist #84, August 1788    -Alexander Hamilton 

To bereave a man of life, says he, “or by violence too confiscate his estate, without accusation or trial, would be so gross and notorious an act of despotism, as one must convey an alarm of tyranny throughout the whole nation; but confinement of the person, by secretly hurrying him to jail, where his sufferings are known or forgotten, is a less public, a less striking, and therefore a more dangerous engine of arbitrary government

The establishment of habeas corpus
no more not for anybody (especially your homeless mother)
 a writ pertinent to liberty
We live with arbitrary imprisonment
instruments of tyranny as formidable as
fill in the blank   (name your episode in man's inhumanity)
They control us with their fascist jibber jabber
 threat of detention centers built for citizens
now they are studying how to control us from their bunkers
It is time for me to start plagiarizing myself repeat my already writ poesy
I am not trying  to decay in the wounded collection of soul 
killing of care is killing true nature already desecrated
perhaps vacant power is empty
what’s worth fighting gripping onto its only an illusion
a language trunk left in the attic
hieroglyphics to the disempowered

Conception from Ephesus to Analysis

Lacan wants to spank her in emergence of  biopower of her feminine

 courting rituals demand this role of sex imperative

         a-sexuality in milk and honey her sacred bees
her earlier fertility aspects obscured in repression

 function of sexuality as analytics of power in text

                  (Scientia sexualis)

          Core features of our identities

comb decisive intimate connections

                   my sex your sex

force me into this

         speculation of unborn souls eternal life

links between Egyptian

         pharaoh with drones swarming round his headdress

inspires  conspiracy theories of lineage exchange of labor and war

         ankhs found in diggings

 discovery of childbirth in blood and dirt unaided

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