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tearing the rag off the bush again
Is There Any Way You Can ?Google Me Out?? PDF E-mail

To: Corpse Submissions

Hello Corpse and Andrei,

Is there any way you can “google me out”? When I type my name in Google, one of the first of the million entries for Kathleen Welch is an excerpt from the Corpse, which explains “the herding of fat Americans to liposuction centers where the fat is used for penile enlargement!” Funny, but the problem is I’m applying for a job as a public health prof. and I need to “degoogle” myself. I’d greatly appreciate if you had a webmistress who could eliminate this issue:

I’m proud to be in the archives of the Corpse but for some reason this appears on the first page when my name is googled. The plays don’t appear just this issue about the Ballot and No Pregnant Chads.

Let me know how successful you are.

Thanks and hope all is well. Thinking of NOLA all the time.

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