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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Parts of Speech

Before we could paint the house we had to scrape off the old paint.

To be formed irregularly
Performed in this site
To be a collective noun The jury
Then S then P
Then the phone rings can you remember the phone ringing speak about that particular day yes he says this book does not hold together someone dying had died my novel his and then she called I said you’ll never believe this
day Person Place Thing Idea
I have written a mystery no I think it is more of a plural autobiography
I have brought an umbrella no I’m afraid I have given away a sewing machine
Is that a creature in your hand are those the parts of speech?
I have knitted a laboratory no I believe it is more like a filmed chain mystery
(Where are you standing when you say I mean saw these things?)
I have brought you a theory no I’m not sure but we may need to spread
A little butter between the pages if you are intending to wear this thing
Out The jury is still deliberating
It all happened on the same day he said and settled down on cue to some highly crafted reminiscing child corner piano religion piano children corner religion
Piano instruction / corner a verb
Religion money fame
The film followed a herd of cows through a typical day.
She probably has more self-confidence than my other friends.
The returning astronauts waved to the cheering crowd.
The question after can you tell us about that day the phone rang right in the middle of reading when he died “It’s for you” and then what I recognized later as the theme music hold he will never finish sadly sadness sad to say saying
The principle congratulated the class on its performance.
The dodo is an extinct bird.
To be plural and formed by adding. For example
Oh we’re going to have so much fun can I my wife by then everyone but brought together to tell them three hours on the phone with my agent rewrite it of course the advance open on the floor beside his bed complaining of a headache early he said crumbling like sand and slipping away we’re all said
Books paints creatures sounds chained films sounded painted filmed chains
To be a scrap a piece of a lesson lifted on the wind to be lost and found
Before we could paint the house we had to scrape off the old paint.
The eerie music during the play added an atmosphere of history.
When the chain fell off her bicycle, she heard a terrible grating
presentation on democracy.
I usually don’t like spicy disbelief but when the senators appeared to dissipate
Can you tell us about that day the phone rang can you ring
I have written a typical creature no I imagine it’s more of a world safe for a single word
I’m a Singer but it’s raining
Write three sentences about a concert or other performance you have seen. Use at least three collective nouns in your sentences.
The single lost page Jolan Phin class 2nd and 9th 8.23.04
Sad to save complicated stitching the edge of another hurricane suddenly needing
More words for kinds of rain another language beginning Lesson #1
This laboratory (The audience) formed. Per
To be The jury is arguing loudly
“Well I didn’t really go to a concert. I seen a vietnamese singer sang last year at our church. She was pretty. She sang alright It was fun I guess”

Cloud as Lonely

And verb with the nouns. and my
Sullen heart and the bliss of
The eerily violent
Description of memory as a sort of IED
In the home entertainment center
Are you in an adjective or pensive mood
When I lie
Following me

sick of the mention of flowers the stench of flowers when

for the dead

What wealth the show had
Pronoun verb—conjunction verb--and little thought
Such a company could not be
But that the cost of this
Out-did the sparkling waves:
Waves beside them but they
Two kilometers from the beach the rule for rebuilding
Displaced the local industry
Tossing their heads

Storyboard it: do you see them casting
Their heads into the air or to each other

Just asking (do you follow)

Shadowed the man describing a live
section of landscape his pretence he’d been there
Alone the main thing

Did you see me dreaming this? (On your inward eye?)
“If you’re reading this”

Oddly specific number weird syntax torqued
For the rhyme’s sake along the margin of
A never-ending line
Anyway continuous as

Withered darkened yellow

Line about motion and location as cause
Gerund and gerund in the breeze
Preposition the noun preposition the noun
Verb location and preposition nouns
When all at once I saw a host golden

I Wandered as the Lonely

Slowly turning back to me delicate petals
Another Romantic landscape tamed translucent picnic
Table cloth / projection screen
And being the only as in seeing or seeming to see right through
That beautiful truly trust an issue

at a bit of a distance emphasis on the pre-
Positions: "beside' "beneath" so that hardly anyone reading
Wordsworth's famous poem seems to notice we never see
The proverbial money shot actual flowers
though named
Agitation and the question of counting replacing

And then the "bliss of solitude"
Now of course I know there is no such thing

Spoke of a Blueprint

The actual blue [here are some possible
names for it] vanishing into comparison
replaced by ocean sky lake river time
of day and so forth always farther off like
her eyes which were like
which was like spoke of the faint
white webbing of lines meaning load
bearing walls if you could read it
spoke of someone finally serious
having stepped through a doorway
that didn’t exist until you stepped
through it a trail map
where a long ago accident left its indelible
faint white trace in the skin a kind of plan
spoke of someone speaking of wasted
time mangenese cerulean azur prussian
midnight the measurements
spoke of a translation of a translation
of a translation always farther off
of will and the theory of
where she would be entirely isolated
reaching out as if to touch
spoke of an edifice of water a building
like a lake or section of river
turned on its side imagine the play
of images sky passing over storms over
the edges for instance clouds blossoming
and dissipating paean to ephemera
and mere appearance
speaking always of a blueprint a passage
a structure of water her voice ragged her
breath harsh literally dying literally of
[here are some possible names for it]
thirst spoke of getting down at last
to the real work ragged voice words abruptly
broken off
the actual name of the place vanishing
removed from reference by those
for whom it had always been a sacred
sign of a violent encounter light
spoke of nothing not allowed to speak
except within this structure where the past
left its intelligible
mark if you could read it
wrote out her anger and sorrow her loneliness
her disappointment where no one could see it
spoke of the fragile almost tentative seeming
white lines drowning in all that blue
finally seen only as a delaying tactic
spoke of the weight of the word “once”
a blue both dark and flat with a deep bitterness
wrote in block letters so maybe it is
slowly drifting through the dissolving net
the trace of her thought thought
spoke of the space of the page and the space
of a life and at last having waited so long
those for whom the site had significance
cutting the links left a blank
canvas under a tree pollen
and dust sifting across the surface
pine needles and leaves swirling down
to catch a moment in the texture of the rough
cloth shadows of leaves and needles
appeared and vanished whispered
something about the future a blue [here
are some possible names] into which
everythingwill at last

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