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tearing the rag off the bush again
Ginsberg Injection
Nightly Dose of Ginsberg

After 24 years, the video of Allen Ginsberg's legendary appearance at Loyola University New Orleans is now online. The overflow crowd filled up all the aisles and the outside lobby, so he invited audience members to sit on the stage with him. He also did a meditation workshop, and his Collected Poems had just appeared so he spent a whole afternoon signing copies and illustrating each with a drawing. Thanks to Alyce Santoro for helping make this video available. Thanks to Andrei Codrescu for encouraging Allen to come. And above all, we remember with gratitude Allen Ginsberg for his genius and generosity.

Barry Miles and Allen Ginsberg In the Kitchen
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In Allen's kitchen on East 12th Street. I have a great memory of Miles typing at the kitchen table while Allen looked over his shoulder. Great working conditions! I don't know how he did it. Its a heart warming patriotic shot.
A Flower For John Clark
Allen Ginsberg Art
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Homesick Abortion by Katie Schwartz

by Katie Schwartz

A woman's relationship with her abortion, a verbatim report from the depths.
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Mark Sargent Models for Kenneth Patchen

by Mark Sargent

We love Kenneth Patchen's art, not often seen these days. This is Mark Sargent's report from The Past.
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Akim, Zappy and the Green Eye by Pierre Joris

by Pierre Joris

from Pierre's ongoing memoir
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Freud Repackaged in Romanian

by Andrei-Calin Mihailescu

Our in-house polyglot philosopher repacks Freud!
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The Lefka Tree & New Aural Fashions by Mark Sargent

by Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent, our Odysseus, wanders the world for the Corpse, to bring news of nouveau labor. We also present his technology for "aural fashions," patent pending. Now and then Derrida haunts him, so he calls Lacan to exorcise him. And when he's done, guests who won't leave...
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Bernadette Mayer's Fabulousness in the Eyes of the Faithful

by Bill DeNoyelles

Bernadette Mayer is a saint like her namesake: she flies and brings colors into the world. Bill DeNoyelles testify on just how he thinks she does this.
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Letter from Greece 8 from Mark Sargent

by Andrei Codrescu

Lucky Dog report!
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DE CUSUT by Paul Tanicui, TO SEW in English by A. Codrescu

by Paul Tanicui

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Dragosh Ziditoru from the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

by Dragosh Ziditoru

The Romanian poet & resident of London Dragosh Ziditoru reports from Scotland about the graying of poetry readers and the (apparent) liveliness of spoken word performances. He is pessoptimist.
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Lucy In the Sky With Darrell: Actualism Part 3

by Dave Morice

Lucy In the Sky With Darrell
Two poems by Athena Kashyap

by Athena Kashyap


Until early this century, Hindus believed that if you crossed the oceans, the “black waters,” by leaving the physical boundaries of India, you would lose your identity and become...
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Five Poems Con Leche y Sangre by Merilyn Jackson

by Merilyn Jackson

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Tom Bradley's new future scenarios

by Tom Bradley

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New Poems by Lidija Dimkovska

by Lidija Dimkovska

 Lidija Dimkovska's bells toll for us

Translated from the Macedonian by Ljubica Arsovska and Peggy Reid

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The Bendy Bus by Mike Longman

by Mike Longman

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