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tearing the rag off the bush again
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  Link   utopia marches on (forwarded by jj phillips)
a tour of best intentions
  Link   Martha King's blog rolls
Martha's life in painters, poets, food, and the polygons of of how they move. Must read to see what's up between Cooper Square and Avenue A.
  Link   Poetry Comics
Dr. ABC has brought his Poetry Comics back to life. Now accepting submissions.
  Link   Big Bridge
This sister-magazine is live with music at the moment as editor Michael Rothenberg is on tour with poet-band ROCKPILE, featuring David Meltzer.
  Link   Melissa Sarat art
Vivid foray into nature's nature by a great lover of animal and color.
  Link   updated hippie dreams
If you want to join a commune that grows food and dreams big this might be the one
  Link   A Romanian bookstore for Americans
A marvelous resource for Romanian readers in the U.S. Priced in dollars, easy to use, this bookstore carries titles from all the major Romanian publishers.
  Link   We Go to the Movies with Cyn
Few eyes in the dark are quicker than this cynephile's, and what delight to hear what they saw. Kiss the lids, this is warm mind-optics with whirlwinds of eros and techne. A split pomegranate bleeds permanently.
  Link   Library Vixen 2.0
Art and writing can make even sex dull. Library Vixen continues to liberate sexuality with art that is both thoughtful and arousing.
  Link   the avant guardian fashion blog
The Corpse likes to keep an eye on fashion. Dead or alive, we have to look cool, and this blog is our guide.
  Link   Tidepool Music
Tidepool Music is a collective of musicians and artists, each completely different in their own ways, banding together to put out as much original and progressive music as possible. This is where you can come and listen to their work, new and old,
The alternative realities news serice edited by Ira Nayman, the author of "Alternate Reality Isn't What It Used To Be." (
  Link   Vanitas:
  Link   Pneumershonic
Schizophrenic who improvises lyrics and can actually sing, according to CMJ. Also featured on WFMU's Hippy Death March.
  Link   Unmoveable Feast
Poetry, Fiction and other treats for carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and bookish spores.
  Link   Ann Tracy's Waiting for the Muse
Sacramento artist Ann Tracy is similar to a juggler in that she loves bright clothes and works in theatre, writing, visual art and well intentioned ranting. She is also willing to donate art to any fundraising efforts for New Orleans, a city she onl
  Link   Beyond the Pale:
  Link   The Observer Translation
The Observer Translation Project is an international magazine of Romanian writing in translation. Launched in September 2008, OTP showcases previously untranslated fiction. We highlight a ?pilot? author each month.
  Link   Jeffrey Miller story
Jeffrey Miller (1948-1977), friend of the editor, genius monster of youth, a great poet, author of the "The First One's Free" and "The Heart is a Quarter Pounder,"is the subject of this fascinating quest by Ian Daily.
  Link   Intrepid and Delightful Traveler Ioana Avadani
Photos and words from Ioana Avadani's ongoing travels; here noted for the feeling of peace and well-being it radiates.
Jerome Rothenberg's poetry and anthologies constitute a magnificent landscape of the avantgarde wilderness, a true Transnational Park full of the flora and fauna of the wacked 20th and now 21st centuries. Impossible to visit at once until now.
Romanian literary journal edited by Cosmin Dragoste. In Romanian "dragoste" means "love," making the editor Courtney Love's literary brother
  Link   Mineshaft
Mineshaft is an independent international art, literature, and comics magazine (or zine) regularly publishing R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Andrei Codrescu, Mary Fleener, Billy Childish, Robert Armstrong, and much more! Mineshaft was started in 1999, is pri
Are Bloggers Journalists?Let's Ask Thomas Jefferson One approach to an answer is historical. In fact, bloggers stand squarely in a long-standing journalistic tradition.
Hot Romanian lit news and art
  Link   Diana Grove's Truly American Mind
Diana Grove?s mercilessly funny site, and that doesn?t even begin to describe her inventively futuristic no-prisoners mind. In the current issue, Mz. Grove opens a new Travel Agency with the appealing promise: Booking Quality Travel Since The Achille
  Link   indran amirthanayagam tree-tongue blog on poetry
Indran devours three languages and thematizes like a language-tree. We dropped in on a discussin of found poetry and discovered erudition and hunger.
  Link   Ugly Duckling Press
Physically beautiful books with great verbal contents within. A muy fine poetry press.
  Link   Mad Hatters' Review
Edgy & Enlightened Literature, Art & Music in the Age of Dementia
  Link   Fiction Warehouse
Fiction Warehouse has been around since 2001 and has published a number of award-winning writers.
  Link   International Journal of Baudrillard Studies
  Link   Joomla!
Home of Joomla, the definitive free content management system.
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