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All Poetry & Nothing But
Four Poems
by Bill Evans
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Do You Come Here Lots?

Hold on to your hats!
But we have
No hats! So
Hold on to your
Heads! As we
Drove our scooters
Right into the volcano
Dusty and thirsty
From fighting zombies
Just a regular adventure
For ordinary kids -
Kick back, kick ass
And rescue humanity
Restore balance and harmony
To universal verities
Squarely represent the living
In contradiction to "the dead"

Then homework and bed...

And we actually live there, unlike most people
Sun goes
We're up
Domesticating reptiles
Crosses to polish, we're on it!

Semi-automatic squirt guns
Filled with salty holy-water

Having knelt before
Our televisions
Having nourished
Our attentions
On cerebral rays

We are "one" with "stuff"

Can I get
That to go

With extra

Our rather homemade fame
To be the not
Quite stars
Of a not yet movie
Not that we're complaining

Struttin' down the ol' avenue
Like secret royalty
Pretend pretenders
To a plastic throne
In the name of Ouija
O mystifying oracle
Baby, do we do it? Does it
Do us? Do me? Don't answer

Because doors open
And doors close
Damn fast!
Lots of practice
Uhh, crying...
And the heart goes
No way, wait
A minute, yes
Way! The bodies
Piling up - because
Certainly we loved them
I have felt the evidence
Stately invitations to amazing grief

And that's just this week

Fact: we set off young
For Pirate Island
Beneath the flag
Of our forefathers
X crossed bones
I To become our own
Champions, rogue
Hero-type evolve-forms
Earn our booty the old-
Fashioned way: sacrificial plunder

Circumnavigate by task-light, match-light, night-light

Rock & Roll hootchie-coo
Bet your fine ass we do
Deep pirate radio
Station frequency
First a firing squad, then a hanging

Afterwards, we'll talk...

So if we don't save
The World, can we
Save ourselves?
At least a little
Piece? Some boldly
Original, treasonous
Thought? Something
Not store-bought, un-
Commanded by commodity?

Killing monsters is
The fun part
Though you
Won't get rich
For truly, what
Profits a guy or gal
Etc. and so forth
Don't say I didn't warn ya

I speak to those
Who know
Beaming pirate
Messages -
For the record
One does so
Without much belief

But the body goes

Any questions? Opinions?

From here on out, we would be branded The Explorer Club

Collected Dark

Knock, knock
Who's there?
I'll explain later

Whether 'tis
Nobler to
Become a kind of

Or on the other
Hand, stand here
And say things

In a public forum
For cash dollars
With music, even

And absolutely fake
Testifyingly original
I don't know, dashing

Career surplus anybody
Guy or gal, perhaps human
Or otherwise -

Looks like a star
Tastes like
A star
Like a star

Weeps and
Bleeds like
A star...

A brain full
A heart full of
Prerecorded energy

People, any
Takers? Any
True believers?

And thus, I
Guess, sense
Gets made

By dint of
Existing in the
And simply mentioning

To the fluid
Core, to the
Bouncy source!

Yes, and vistas, ladies and gentlemen

As all get out

Little dogma
Little karma
On a stick or

In a can /

Well, that's a wrap...

But let me tell you, no kidding
Proper timing

We don't know
Who we are -
From the Collected Dark

A real showstopper

Mary Poppins is So Hot

Not a beauty, but
The Beauty
Wild with grace
All exacting power
And a fluid core -

O sly and formal
That's our Mary...

Starch decorum on
The outside, sharp
Experience within/

My god, what bod
Lurks inside of
Her nanny clothes?

Lucky boyfriend Bert
True king o'the
Chimney sweeps
Artist, laborer
Raconteur/ who does
The rooftop shimmy all
Wonky with his cronies

Golly, secret, smoky
Industrial existences!
Kind of goofy but cool
Throughout the ordained
Church of dude consecrated
Energy - and Mary really
Digs it, folks, and we do
Too! Finally privy to this
Truly revolutionary extravaganza

Kite flying aside
Tuppence for
Pigeon crumbs
Gleefully aside

Little kiddie-
Boops sprung
From the rigors
Of their night-
Time, jail cell
Sleep-fold career
Rehabilitation sentences

In essence, for presence
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Wondrous, inventive
London skyline -
Dear readers
And viewers
Of our listening team
I believe we 're on to something

Because what I like, what
Strikes me about Mary
Sex stuff aside, is
She sees and approves
She's a liberator
Yo dogs, comrades...
She puts her finger
Up to bullshit; she grants
Excellent permissions

To become, like
What? I mean
Complete? Whole?

In the porn film
I would meet her
At an orgy
In Plato's Cave
And the camera would love us

Funny, Mary doesn't care I'm a pizza delivery boy

She says I'll always be her poet

Genius City

Not that we would all be
Geniuses, mind you
But enough to qualify
Our personal geography
As a mental attraction
To the paying customer

Listen up, folks
Shallowness is
Depth, too
And while I'd
Never kick
Clever or
Hot out of bed

We aren't nuts to
Expect something more
From our visionaries

Say, a vision
In the morning
One for lunch
And the day is yours!

That's our motto
Heads filled with movie stars
But the hearts true-blue
Times loss, ladies and gentlemen
All conditions and principles
Up for grabs, as the ante
Increases exponentially

And we don't just think about it
By Hollywood, we act
Because what lasts, use
Only, please build well
We may also need a credo
To convince them we mean business

I would prefer mine
With sauce
I am so, like
Outta here -
We are your
Leaders; these

Are orders
God save us
From the folksingers...

You know, talent
Is a rare thing, but
Timing is everything
Put that in your bong and heave-ho

As always: sunny in the daytime

Fuck'n dark at night -

A real keeper, I have witnesses


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©1999-2004 Exquisite Corpse.