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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12


Dear Contributor,

Our Editor-in-Chief is hot on the trail of Tristan Tzara's rambling ghost and regrets to be unable to license your genius before May, 2007. If you have already submitted to us online, we thank you but do feel free to send the same material elsewhere in the meantime. Come May, we'll regain our appetite for your creative destructions.
Once again, thanks for your patience. Meanwhile, our archives will stay open for your gentle perusal.

Plamen Arnaudov
Corpse Assistant

fiction, letters, essays, travel-writing, news, drama, mixed genre media, news, art, music/sound, and more. We prefer works of language genius, provocation, malignant brilliance, practical utopianism, profound terror, sexual delirium, and resolute enmity against commonplace, cliché, and convention. Would-be contributors should look up previous issues of Exquisite Corpse for an idea of how we cause damage and promote health.

Our contributors have included superstars such as James Broughton, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Edouard Roditi, and Ted Berrigan, all of whom have now gone supernova, but are currently serving on our Inner Governing Board. Living greats, such as Anselm Hollo, Mike Topp, Kirby Olson, Mauricio Montiel, Teresa Bergen and Robin Becker, are frequent contributors. On the other hand, we love new writers. Be advised, however, that the Corpse has started up its historic Body Bag again. The Cyber Bag will continue our great tradition of allowing contributors to see how their work was received by our staff, thus honoring all who are brave and daring, with a sense of humor and adventure.

Regarding rights: The Corpse frowns upon multiple submissions; it is therefore expected that the piece has never been published before. If an acceptance letter is sent to the author, then he or she agrees to our terms, which are: the Corpse gets exclusive first-time on-line/electronic rights. After we publish, all rights, both cyber, print, audio, or any other media, belong to the author. If the work/s should be published in the future, we ask only for a credit line that reads: "First published in Exquisite Corpse #__."

1. Text Attachments:

All submissions must be sent as attachments. Almost all word processing programs include the option to "save as" Rich Text Format. We recommend saving as Rich Text Format (.rtf) because it will preserve your formatting, and it will be compatible with all of our computers. (See instructions below) In the case of more than one submission, please include all of your submissions within one attached document. Name your document after your last name or the last name of your pen name. Do not name your document "Exquisite Corpse" or "Corpse".

Note: We cannot read Wordstar documents.

Note: You need not send an attachment if you are just sending a quick e-mail or comment in the heat of passion!

How to save your document as Rich Text Format from MS Word (It is a similar process in Worperfect) :

a. Open your document.
b. Open the "file" menu.
c. Choose "save as," not "save," and also make sure not to use the save icon, which looks like a floppy disk.
d. A dialog box will open--at the very bottom there is a box that says "Save as type:" on the left side.
e. Next to this box is a little button with a triangle pointing down. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear.
f. Scroll down in the drop down menu until you find Rich Text Format, and then choose it.
g. Name your document after your last name or the last name of your pen name.
h. Now click save as you normally would in the dialog box.\

Note: Older Windows sometimes do not fully convert in translation. If you receive a message from us that begins, "Howdy! Your message did not compute..." then try saving it in MS Word (.doc). If you receive the message again, locate a computer nerd for assistance. If a computer nerd is not available, paste your text directly into the e-mail as a last resort.

How to send attachments in Windows and Macintosh:

a. Compose and save your document. Did you make sure that all of your contact information is in the document? If not, please add it, and save again. If so, continue.
b. Address an e-mail to us (submissions@corpse.org).
c. In your e-mail program, click the file attachment button on the toolbar. Almost universally, the file attachment button includes a picture of a paperclip. If you do not have a button, look in the menus for a command like "Attach File," and choose it.
d. A dialog box will open. Browse to the directory in which your document is saved, and double click quickly on your document's icon. Your document should now be attached to your e-mail.
e. Click "Send."

Note: We often experience translation problems when works composed on Apple and Mac are sent to us. If you receive a message from us that begins, "Howdy! Your message did not compute..." then try saving it in Word (.doc) if you have that option. If you receive the message again, locate a computer nerd for assistance. If a computer nerd is not available, paste your text directly into the e-mail as a last resort.

2. Contact Information:

All submissions must have all of your contact information listed within the attachment as well as on the letter it is attached to. If your contact information is not in the attachment, we will not know who wrote the piece.

3. Footnotes, Annotations, End Notes and the Like:

Using footnotes does not work for us; they do not always arrive as the writer intended them, and superscripting causes awkward spacings between lines when work is placed on html templates. Therefore, please convert all footnotes into End Notes by simply putting parentheses around the number which follows whatever you are noting. Then, at the end of your piece, write "End Notes" and list your notes. For an example of the way we like our End Notes, go to http://corpse.org/archives/issue_8/foreign_desk/woods.htm and take a look.

4. Dashes, Em dashes, Hyphens:

Please use the double dash (--) instead of the em dash, or long dash, since these characters are often replaced by hyphens when they go through computer translations, thus causing occasional editorial confusion and misprints.

5. Page Limit:

All submissions must contain no more than 15 double-spaced pages for prose. Poetry, however, can be single-spaced, but should not surpass 10 pages per submission. We will occasionally make exceptions for essays of greater length.

6. Acceptance:

If we wish to publish your submission, we will send you an acceptance letter with which you may request links to your e-mail address (or website/s) if you so choose. We can also make direct links to Amazon.com if you have publications that they carry (we will need ISBN #s for this). It usually takes us a few weeks to read submissions after they arrive. Sometimes it takes longer, if we are busy putting an issue together or if it is the summer and the editors are volunteering their time rather than getting paid. If you don't hear from us in more than three months after receiving our acknowledgement of receiving your work, it is likely that you may find yourself in an upcoming Cyber Bag. Still, there is the possibility that we put you in our "Holding Bin," and that you could be plucked from there at any instant. If we do not accept your work, this is not always an indication that we are not interested. Sometimes, we fill up sections (especially poetry) early, and do not have the space to publish until the next issue. Regardless, please do not write to the editors asking what your status is; refer to the historic and entertaining Cyber Bag instead. Also, after accepting work, we cannot incorporate any changes by the author. When a contributor answers the author information questionnaire attached to the acceptance letter, this is an informal agreement between the contributor and the Corpse granting the Corpse the right to proofread the contributor's work and make any editorial corrections we see fit--which are always minor, if we make any at all. Thus, a work should be in its final final stage upon being submitted to the Corpse.

7. Images:

Art submissions should be sent in JPEG (preferably) or GIF format. Please do not send more than 300kb at a time. The editors have set their modem connections on their e-mail programs to ignore messages over 300kb because of time/storage constraints. Although you may send 300kb, the smallest file size that gets your idea across will be the easiest for us. However, we may and probably will request a higher resolution copy should we decide to use your piece.

8. Music/Sound:

Send CDs through the mail (below).

9. After Publication Changes:

If you notice a mistake in anything published by the Corpse--in somebody else's work or your own--we do have the luxury of making these corrections. Just drop a line to submissions@corpse.org.

10. Snail Mail:

We do not accept papyrus-based submissions anymore. However, if you would like us to review a book, CD, chapbook, journal, video, or something else (some works are cited in the Cyber Bag), send to:

Exquisite Corpse
PO Box 25051
Baton Rouge, LA 70894

Send submissions to: submissions@corpse.org

Andrei Codrescu, Editor



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