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All Poetry & Nothing But
Three Poems
by Patrick Herron
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Joyous Fucking Poem
altered found poem originally titled "Live to be Joyous"

"Make friends with your audience."
-- James Tate

A time of Joy, fuck you, you see,
Imagine, all good things come to you,
Wondrous times fuck you and scold.

Watching children run and play,
A shining beacon will always be this view,
When looking for joy, fuck you, see?

Beautiful and warm this summers day,
Laughter and Joy are not new,
All about you, happiness, fuck you, damn mold.

Fresh flowers, butterflies visit today,
Mornings refreshed with the night’s dew,
Look for joy, dipshit, you’ll see.

Birds sing, frogs croak, cattle chew hay,
Water glistens in ponds so blue,
Air filled with cheer. Fuck you, cuckold.

All about us is beauty today,
Joy from within, just enjoy this day,
Joy is everywhere, look and you’ll see,
About you joy's letters fuck you in bold.

The Dying

He who was living is now dead
We who were living are now dying
With a little patience

-- T.S. Eliot, "The Waste Land"

Part I

death song (lamentation) (more)

death decease demise
dissolve depart obit
release rest quiet

fall loss bereave
end cessate lose
extinct exit ebb

obituary die expire
perish pass taken
yield resign end

death blow (killing) (more)

Part II

death blow (killing) (more)

cease to live
cease to breathe
depart this brief lone life

chant du cygne
rigor mortis
wash up on the Stygian shore

be no more go off
drop off pop off
reduce yourself to dust

breathe your last
lose lay down
relinquish surrender drop

sink close fall
drop down dead
drop fall down and stay there

break your neck
yield your ghost
be over and done with at last

pay your debt
and shuffle off
join the vast foolish majority

take last sleep
hand in checks
go by the way of the flesh

pass in checks
join the greater
hand in your bloody chips

come to dust
turn to dust
cross the goddamned ferry

cross the bar
get your long account
grab your very last home

deadly (extinguish) (more)

Part III

deadly (extinguish) (more)

come to the end
catch your death
off the hooks

kick the bucket
buy the farm
hop the twig

make your will
snuff your candle
turn up those calloused toes

violence (erasure) (more)

Part IV

violence (erasure) (more)

in articulo
in extremis

in the jaws of death

moribund morient
hippocratic plot
totter on the brink

last legs
death bed
point of lasting death

death's door
last gasp
near one's sorry end

give over
one foot
the horror aux abois

post obit
post mortem
dead as a doorpost

terror (cessate) (more)

Part V

terror (cessate) (more)

dead as a mutton
dead as a herring
dead as these lousy nits

this life departed
is dead and gone
dead as rust-cracked doornails

launched into eternity
gathered to one's fathers
numbered with the dead

lifeless deceased demised
departed defunct extinct
late gone removed no more

exanimate inanimate
released taken off
out of this blank cold world

ashes to ashes dust to dust
stillborn mortuary necrology
the bills of your mortality

ash to dust (regrets) (more)

Part VI

ash to dust (regrets) (more)

life ebbs
life fails
life hangs by one thread

days numbered
hour comes
your rabbit's race is run

doom sealed
Death knocks
Death stares you in the face

death song reprise (lamentation) (more)

Part VII

death song reprise (lamentation) (more)

in adamantine chains
death be here ever bound

breath departs the body
grave closes over your skull

thus Spake the grisly Terror
lone couch of lasting sleep

death song (lamentation) (more)

Tough Going?

Tough going?
When your week is over, you’ll be closer to your goal.
Everything is a part of learning to live in a different way.
While it is critical to note some mistakes, it is also essential not to dwell on them.
Just move on.
Toward the end of this week, take a look at yourself in the mirror.
Compare yourself to your “before” photo.
Do you see yourself now?
Chances are, you’ve already lost some memories.
Your beliefs have begun to sharpen.
If you’re analyzing yourself or trying to recall last week, you may notice that your numbers are improving.
Yes, it’s happening.
You can believe more and remember less.
Now keep it going.
Assess, adjust, and move forward.

There's a war on.


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