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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Barry Brent <barryblumenfeld@earthlink.net>

There is a person in these parts (Minneapolis/St. Paul)) called Larry Long, a folk-singer, who has long been associated with the river--various songfests and clean-up projects. His last exploit was some kind of participation in the Wellstone memorial (they were friendly, or friends). Maybe too wholesome for the Corpse, but someone you might consult. I have no contact information, but he shouldn't be hard to find. I wouldn't be surprised if he has done some filming on the river.

Another person who will have something to say about it, I think, is Mike Finley, a poet and ex-columnist for the St. Paul paper. He does a blog--or several blogs, depending on the way you count. He has a large standard poodle. They take walks, sometimes along the river, and sometimes Mike chronicles the resulting atmospherics. Here I can imagine things becoming suitably dark, river red in tooth and claw, that sort of thing. The dog is odd all the time.

Mike's contact info:
1841 Dayton Avenue
Saint Paul MN 55104
PH: 651-644-4540
FAX: 815-301-8846

There are some spoken-word poets in these parts. One is named Roy McBride. Another of them is the stevedore in the poem under my signature. (A real stevedore he wuz.) These people predate the slam movement, but they are theatrical. Roy McBride will know the name of the stevedore--I forget. I can imagine little film splices from some of their performances inserted in your piece. The stevedore, especially, is theatrical (visually). Roy McBride is one of the main men up here. Mike will know how to get in touch with Mcbride, and McBride will know how to find the stevedore.

I myself think about the river, but so far, except for the ancient poem below, I don't write about it. I'll think some more and maybe get back to you.

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