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Issue 10 - A Journal of Letters and Life
Critiques & Reviews
You Are a Stupid Stupid Fucking Wimp
by Henry Brown

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You are a stupid stupid fucking wimp. Yes your mommy and daddy are crazy and they fucked you up. It is alright to blame them. Parents fuck up kids. Daddy never read books. Mommy put you in front of the TV. Now you will never be a professor. They didn't teach you piano or Latin. You are a lazy fool and you deserve your cubicle. You deserve your shitty Elmer's glue white cubicle! You're not leaving. No one at your office wants to be there. They all led aimless lives till some stupid girl got pregnant. Yes, everyone you work with hates themselves for being aimless stupid people that don't read and drink beer and watch TV. Their kids will grow to hate them like you hate and resent your parents like your kids hate you! Yes, it is your fault. You are a wimpy gutless baby. Your children will grow to hate you and hate their cubicles and they wont speak any other languages nor will they travel much, except on vacation to Jamaica so they can sit by the pool and drink beer and cry and hate you and hate life and think about how they can quit and live in Jamaica, but It wont happen. Your kids are gutless ill-bred, nearly illiterate fools like you. You think that buying them a computer solves everything. You are a dumb shit. They will learn the computer. And some of the smartest ones, the ones lucky enough to realize mom and dad are intellectually lazy fools, will begin to use the computer to their advantage and maybe at an early age. In between downloading pictures of teenage boys, they might learn C++ or Java. But you, mom and dad, are terribly irresponsible fools and the clear majority of you probably can't even remember why you got married or decided to have kids. You just
Image by Burnell Yow and the Digital Exquisite Corpse Project
did. And they just hate you. And you should hate yourselves. Fuck you. You, who don't read. You who watch Survivor every week. So pitiful. Probably just hoping one of the young ones will get her short shorts ripped off by gator's sharp teeth, revealing her sexy bikini underwear to the world, while your fat stupid wife blathers pabulum on the phone to the stupid fucking friend she made at work who "understands" her pitiful sadness all too well. And during commercials you switch back to the XFL game and are oh so disappointed. You are a dumb fuck. Smart men shit on you, and you take it. Politicians shit on your face. You just whimper. You're a baby. You have no idea what politicians think about you. They think you're a fool. They will give you a small tax break to make sure you don't cry, and they will give themselves a huge break because they can and you won't stop them. The smart and intellectually curious get great jobs while slobs like you get a hot plop of poop in the eye. And you wonder why your life is so empty. Your bookshelves are empty. My dead grandmother's stinking corpse is more intellectually animate than you. You deserve your empty life. Why did you have your kids? You don't know do you, you stupid moron. And you wonder why they skip school and drink all weekend and don't listen to you and hate you and hate you and your daughters get fucked and your sons do too. Why won't they do their homework? Why don't they like school? Did you like school? Do you like school now? And you pace back and forth while your cute teeny girl daughter gets her underwear ripped off and she loves it because everything else is boring, and she is drunk and fucked by drunken bad boys who take secret pictures and put them on the internet for your uncle Joe the fucking pervert to see. Why won't she do her homework? You wonder this all night long while downloading voyeur movies at bikinibaby.com you stupid fuck. Why does my son hate me and flunk math class and he never seems to enjoy reading and tells me that college is stupid? The answer is because you are a stupid aimless dull fuck head and your kids will be too, but you can't do anything because you don't read and you take Johnny to baseball practice but you don't give two shits about piano lessons and dictionaries. You don't even know who the fuck Hemingway was. You are pointless. Your babies will wear cheap suits and read the sports pages ONLY. You're a middle and upper middle class fool. Ever wonder how students get into Yale? You will never know that joy! You can't ever know it save by fluke. I hate you for this and your babies will too, once they graduate from community school, or The Southwestern Regional Branch Campus of The University of Some Fucking State School. No ivy leagues for you. But somebody's children are going. Where are your kids going? They are going to the cubicle. They will be there after four years of drinking. That's the school they go to. The four year school to learn how to drink so they can easily make friends at cubicle work and get drunk with them and they will know how to drink. You hear me yelling, but you'll do nothing. You will watch the MET baseball game. Ok, fine watch it. Then why don't you read a fucking dictionary to little Cindy before she goes out to let the bad boys get her drunk and pregnant? You are a shitty irresponsible parent. The wealthy elite thank you for producing shit smellers and office assistants. Without your babies the wealthy elite would have to get their own coffee. Do you even hear me? Do you even care? Probably not. You won't take action. Your daughter swore at you. You punished her to her room. I emailed her. She checked on the new Dell laptop you got her. She's sneaking out. Homework unfinished. I'll fuck her tonight.

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