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Manifesto in Hypertext
by Dr. Menlo
Everything is easy in retrospect. It's easier at least--what was wrong, what was right. No, wait, this always changes per age . . . hm, here is the truth: history both cycles and evolves. Hope springs eternal, baby.

Anyway--there has been one universal struggle going on--the power of man and his mind and his own, individual superb abilities to manage himself and his own affairs . . . against the tyranny of those who wish to control others solely for the purpose of furthering their own material advantage. This is the fight, traditionally, of the underdog vs. the giant. Of Robin Hood vs. the crooked rich. Of Socrates spreading the world and paying with his death. Of David vs. Goliath. As the women vs. the men who would suffer (suffrage?) them, as the blacks who were whipped and chained vs. their white American masters, as the powderkeg of the massive young getting together to just say no to 25,000 American kids killed for no good reason, not to mention all the Vietnamese and their neighborhood, too . . . and now, there is the greatest battle of all: the people of the world vs. the corporations and tyrannies who control it. It's about globalism all right--about the globalism of the world by the people who live in it, rather than those who would exploit it.

This is the present state of the eternal revolution that has been going on since human society began. Not everyone immediately gets this. But they will. Be there first: Get there now.

It will not look like any revolution that has come before, as much as they tell you that. This is the newest--and it will be the greatest--nonviolent truly global revolution there ever was. (The people, anyway, would like for it to be nonviolent. The American/global police state has other ideas.)

So long as I presently know, the internet was first used to organize revolution in East Timor. Without the internet, the success in Seattle--nay, the birthplace nascent of this modern badass movement--would not have been so meta.

This learning curve will only improve. Support the open access movement: buy a friend a computer. More will happen in this direction. This energy is pure. It will win out, no matter how many heads they bash against the sidewalk, no matter how many people they beat up and jail, no matter how many lies the corporate media keeps turning over and over in their tacky glitterboxes to the world--this is the way our society will evolve: fighting for human rights, liberty and justice for the people and the ecosystems they live in all over the world, and goddamn well nigh beyond. Or die trying. Zapata: "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees." So would Patrick fucking Henry. And Thomas Jefferson, too?

But it doesn't have to be like that. More likely, the revolution will take place behind that screen you're presently looking at--and here's to ya kid--sitting out there in the lone and reading your computer: the future of the universe is in your hands. And let me ask you this: what takes more intelligence, really--making a living offa fucking things up or producing a legacy out of creating something new that will leave your cerebral-powered birthmark on the ass of this mind-boggling metaverse we all now presently share? Time magazine--as much as it sucks--gave it's man of the century award to Albert Einstein, not Ronald Reagan.

Be a genius, not a stomper of ants.

And log on to saving the world today.

Links: http://www.drmenlo.com

Email: drmenlo@well.com

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