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Exquisite Corpse
Issue 8A Journal of Letters and Life

Cyber Bag
stuffed by Mark Spitzer

Ack! It's come back again, that always legendary, sometimes dreaded, othertimes welcomed, occasionally unjust, often serendipitous sack of cyberific phantasmagoria! Open it up and see what we've got: dismembria we wanna show off, names of those whose stuff we couldn't use (due to the zillions of submissions we receive each week), letters from the populace (never a complaint about being included, only complaints about being excluded) and publications received. So, as Sam E. Hime says, "Remember, while yer' aimin' high an' hittin' low--to never sweat the petty stuff, but always pet the sweaty stuff."

The Dismembered Remembered

Dear Sir or Madame:
Even the cyberbag is instant immortality!
     - Nachshon Zohari
Dear Nachshon,
You got that right!
the Eds.
This just in from a 13-year-old jailkid who wishes to remain anonymous (whereas we usually run screaming at the drop of a rhyme, we were impressed by the following real-life experience we'd rather not know first hand). So good going, keep pounding away "at the word" (Bukowski used to say), because America needs another Corso, be he or she Gen Y, Gen Z or whatever comes next:

"Tha Last Laugh Is MINE

Tha last laugh is mine
That's all I got to say
Day after day I continue with this game
My life's been destroyed due to fear and pain
Happiness and joy all went away
All I see are demons coming through my wall
I hear so many kids screaming
I try to stand tall
But I know sooner or later, I'm gonna fall
I'm sorry mother for tha pain I caused
I'm sorry father, but feelings I've lost
I hear voices in my head
I'm scared to close my eyes
cuz I picture tha dead
I ain't crazy. I'm rather sane
But one day I'll turn crazy with
all this damned pain
So for right now, I'll just finish my time
But when I'm finished, I'll scream

Megan Cohen tells us:


11, 12, 13 years old every day facing the bathroom mirror
     Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Peppers I believe it will make me a good kisser.
15 on the bedspread he distorts my lipstick
     Baywater Puff Orthodontic-sieve I wait for it to get exciting.
16 streetcorner late for dinner
     Locomotive-Steamtrain! Busting-Hoover-Dam Tornado Rocket-Launch Ram,
17 on the softball field middle of the night
     Plush Dew Worn-Oak Suede Velvet Chaise-Lounge Rolling, Cigarette Comet
     Stainless-steel Birthday Frosting Chill, Python Pointillism Murmur Milkshake.
Yeah, okay, now I get it."

Ken Wright is "against it all," regarding development in the West:

"That is why we loud-mouth newcomers can't keep quiet when we hear again the familiar optimistic and hypnotic hymns: Growth is good ... We can control growth ... We'll all get rich ... Just a little more improvement ... There's another valley over the ridge, and another river over the hill."

Our reply: "Yes, Yes, but give it to us in the language of the Corpse. We want it, oh yes! The nitty gritty!"

Phillip Loyd sent us something that stuck out in the submissions, but it ended on a moral note (hey, hopefully your wife won't read this, or else you'll be busted for your tryst with her sister):

"I couldn't afford to have her sister's Johnny Cash-looking husband find out
that I was jacking-off to his trashy wife's photo; and I really couldn't
afford to have him think I was masturbating to him in the picture as well.
He may never believe that I had covered his face with my thumb. He might
think I'd gone faggot and then he'd kill me just for the good of his fellow

John Williamson had a point regarding

"flounder genes in tomatoes
to make them resistant to cold.
What the winter flounder has learned
over millions of years
on the mudflats of the North Atlantic
is expressed
in vines
on rainy farmlands.
Don't get left behind.
Do you question anything?
no flounder fucks a tomato."

Forrest Cole "Wingnut Poet" nugget:

"Sunday at the Drive-in

Went to a trailer park
picnic with a case of Budweiser
millennium cans.
Dad buried beneath
the earth. Coal dust
masking ass but his eyes.
Mom plugs the television
in outside. We sit
behind the Chevy
pick-up, watching
The Dukes of Hazard"

Eric Bealmear:

"Diddley, Diddley, Diddley, Dee

You get a hard on every time
you tell me I'm wrong,
accusing me of saying too much
or not enough,
your clitoris hums"

Michael Rossi wrote us this:

"After reading the Corpse for quite some time, I have now come to the conclusion that you are all sadists, which works out rather well because I am a masochist. So, in the spirit of being a sucker for punishment, I would like to submit the following pieces of crap for your consideration. I have never before been published, except when I was 4 and won the Young Authors Award, so I know I am taking a big chance on submitting to such a prestigious mag as yours, and I fully expect to find myself wallowing in the stench of the Body Bag. Have at it.
     Thank you for your consideration."

And thank you for yours!

Exquisite but No Cigar

Peter Balestrieri, Ryan Nelson, Jonathan Alexander, Daniel A. Olivas, Paul S. Piper, D.T. Harris, Todd Dills, Barbara Jacksha, Jeffrey Little, Matthew Keenan, J.J. Wylie, Al Sim, Peter Magliocco, Ted Howard, James Barela, James Mathews, Alison Ross, John Heckman, Chuck Noland (the part about shaving was good), Alex Stiber, Daniel M. Nester, Craig McGrath, Jan Burner, Art Rosch, Stephany Aulenback, Alistair McHarg, Taryn L. Hook (give us something steamier & less grody), Travis Jon Mader, Ed Tedrow, Jann Burner.

Nope on a Rope Today

Jack Hriniak, Clammy in the Slammy, Jayseth Guberman, Clayton Delery, Karen Auvinen, Marcy Blackwell, John Stickney, Golda Starr Connelly, Robert Laszlo, Christian Riegel, M. DiPaolo, William Fairbrother (p.s. who the heck is michael?), Mark Noack, Al Majko, John Slavens, Jeffery Bahr, Astiber, Noah Blaustein (it's MR! not Ms.), Charles Blackstone, E. Shannon Stavinoha, Kiki DeLancey, Margareta Horiba, Matthew Miller, Graham Burbage, Tin Ear (I hope this poem is a satire!), Michael Catherwood, Hannah Levbarg, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Al N. Ortiz, James Babbs, Avra Kouffman, George Silberman, Raphael Dagold, Justin Cronin, Barbara St. Clair, Lynn Bishop (and then, after all that rejection, if you're lucky, you get mad, and if you're luckier, you have genius, so then you're a mad genius, and then you say fuck em all, and then you do your mad genius thing, until the other mad geniuses make you a cake, if you're a lucky mad genius. If not, you go to bed beneath a mad cakeless sky, no stars atwinkle but them in yr head), Kim Chinque, Frederick Zackel (good poem that went on too long and kowtowed to cheapo violence rather than irony which is always a best seller here at the corpse. Besides, that was me on your bumper, so move it buddy), Carla Schwartz, Jennifer Macaire, Mary Vigliante Szydlowski, Sonya Reeves, Vishal Khanna, Stephanie Irvine, Charles Allen Wyman (getting a submission from someone because somebody has been bugging them to submit is like licking an ashtray), Jacob Rakovan, Dale H. Owen Jr., Frances LeMoine, Bernard Jankowski, Heath Atchley, Robert Philbin, Wayne H.W Wolfson, D.A. Smith, Anuradha Lazarre, Delo White, Jerry R. Williams, Jerry Mason, Chris Orlet, Vida Ahyong, Kat Roche, Edward Jason Maxwell, JN Krause (some words are more than enough because they don't say nothing), Kevin Mooneyham, Sheila P. Richard, Brian Barney, Robert Silvera, Joshua Burleigh, Samantha Kellow, D.L.Dodson, Kevin J. Christensen, Michael Standaert, Andy Robbins, Bovina Merde (but keep it up!), Wayne Lindberg, Lisa Ann Smith, Daniel A. Olivas, Jeremy C. Shipp, Stephen Kirbach, Bobby Bekier, Kevin Griffith, Carrie Teresa Sage, David D. Strumsky, Jed Jecelin, Danielle Ilyana Ben-Veniste, Jeremy C. Shipp, Richard Payton, Jonathan Thirkield, Michael Diamond (have a Starbuck's karmacinno), Greg Farnum, Anton Cooper (we love translations, but the guy you translated wasn't salacious enough for us), Melissa Weinstein, Mary Jane Sullivan, David Wright, Francesca Mantini, Andy Miller, Marc Logue (can't help you, you'll have to make your mother happy some other way. Maybe you could clean out the garage or something), Nina Israel Zucker, Peter Pendras, James R. Brown (love your music man), Blackwuelfe, Bernd Sauermann, Rebecca Lopez, Stephen Santiago, Garin Cycholl, Monica J. O'Rourke, Apurva Narechania, Sydney Harth, John Muir Kumph, Morgan Williams, Don Reisman (try the Land of Make Believe), Kevin Cashen, Amber McNett, Lee Klein, Gene Tanta, Nan Leslie, MercyRain, Peter Stuhlman, H. L. Rucks, James Lineberger, Amy Pence, Gregory L. Ford (hey thanks, and you were a great President. Please ask Carter to send us some poems next time you see him), Michael Harvey, Kenneth Robbins, Jeffrey Alfier, A.R. Lamb, Mark Scroggins, Mari Onette, Thomas Ewing, Mark St. George, William David Sovern, Brad Wurm, Dave Barnhart (inneresting stuff but too heavy-metal for us simple folk), Geoffrey Grosshans, Tina Broderick.
No Way Jõse!

Caroline Kim (no pretty bird poetry please).

Double Submitters

Whereas we believe that writers shouldn't limit themselves by waiting for journals to get back to them before sending their stuff out to other venues, we can't conceive why anybody would write us and ask us not to consider their work because some inconsequential journal accepted it (not to mention that it's annoying to have to look stuff up and delete it). I mean, c'mon people› would you rather drive a run-of-the-mill Ford Escort or ride a rocketcar into quality immortality? Hello›

S.E. Frischkorn, Tom Abray, Raphael Dagold, Michael Yates Crowley, Barbara Jacksha.

Stuff Received

murmurs, no. 2. Fan-honking-tastic! Work by Anselm Hollo, Le Clezio, Ashbery, Mathews & more. Tasteful cover art, rocking conversations, kick-ass translations, poetry, fiction, youbetchya. Lit journals don't get no smarter than this without getting pretentious. For info on how to get some, contact the editor kpqp@compuserve.com.

, no. 249, vol. 42, no. 3. Photo-theme issue. Some good looking stuff by some good looking Quebecians.

Voices of Light: Spiritual and Visionary Poems by Women Around the World from Ancient

Sumeria to Now. Aliki Barnstone, ed. A good looking book made with good looking paper and good looking ink with a good looking photo of the good looking editor on the dust jacket.

The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg: A Narrative Poem
, by Ed Sanders. Overlook Press. Crazy picture of a leaping frolicking high-on-life Ginsberg the cover. An epic poem book about an epic poetic bard. Only Ed Sanders writes like this.

House Organ
, number 32, fall 2000. "Ground Zero/from Kent State" issue by Robert Buckeye. Always good stuff.

Fall/Winter 2000. The Corporate autobiography issue. Yowza.

Poetry Project Newsletter
. Oct/Nov 2000, issue no. 181, the best newsletter in town. We also received Dec/Jan, issue 182.

The Women's Review of Books
, vol. XVIII, no. 1. Oct 2000.

The2ndHand installment
no. 3, fall 2000. A punk-ass punk-mag re: punk-ass concerns, punk-ass comics, and punk-ass prose and letters, by a bunch of punk-ass losers who will probably take this as a compliment -- and they're right. It is. Funny punk-ass stuff. Viva guerilla punkitude!

Learning the Constellations
, by Antler. Backwoods Broadsides Chaplet Series, #52. Vaginas of light, gazing starry nightsky! Star-oglers, eyes fucking! This is the product of Whitman blowing Ginsberg into the next millennium. Wake up Amerigo, Antler's lyrical linebreaks wax erect the nippletits of Earthday today.

The Temple
. Fall 2000, vol. 4, no. 4.

His Monkey Wife
, by John Collier. Paul Dry Books, Philadelphia. Story about a civilized monkey and a cold-hearted bitch who gets a chimp in her grip.

Hard Language
, by Mike Padilla. Arte Publico Press, Houston.

How to Undress a Cop, by Sarah Cortez. Arte Publico Press, Houston. Blah blah blah... give us a break.

by Cesar Vallejo, trans. Clayton Eshleman. Wesleyan University Press, Hanover.

Kazimierz Square
, by Karen Chase. CavanKerry Press, Fort Lee, NJ.

American Book Reviews
. A bunch of em. Nothing new.

Same Blue Chevy
, by Gale Renee Walden. Tia Chucha Press, Chicago.

Tomorrow Never Knows: Rock and Psychedelics in the 1960s
, by Nick Bromell. U of Chicago Press.

, by Yvette Christianse. Duke University Press, Durham.

Colorado Review
. Summer 2000. vol. XXVII.

Confessions of Doyle
, by John Doyle. Confession One. Read Books: NY.

American Rambler, by Dale Smith. Thorp Springs: Austin. $10.00, 95 pp. Shades of Olson with a slight Ezravesence wander through this history-based epic.

Dark, by Hoa Nguyen. Skanky Possum Press: Austin, 50 pp chapbook. Some sharp stuff here. ie:

"Mean suddenly     Bitch woman
scolding the kids cutting through
the yard          stick out your arm
for the fuck you salute Bend into
duck lips     I scratch little
rivulets          Shake it little sluggard
Dress me in a watermelon green
I want to dance putrid     shout
rub out the Y dividing line"

Basilisk, by Ronnie Burk. Hekate's Gallery: San Francisco. Chapbook published on New Years' Day.

Pandemonium, by Ronnie Burk. Chapbook chock full of hillarious illustrations and that top-notch Am po-style known as Ronnieburkism.

Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China, by Wang Ping. University of Minnesota Press: Minneapolis. Oh, so now you're sending the hardback, eh? Well, we got the architecture book and will try and review both soon.

StoryQuarterly, 36. Mainstream fiction doing what it does.

Testimonio: A Documentary History of the Mexican American Struggle for Civil Rights, by F. Arturo Rosales. Arte Publico Press: Houston.

Hispanic Periodicals in the United States: A Brief History and Comprehensive Bibliography, by Nicolas Kanellos with Helvetia Martell. Arte Publico Press: Houston. The name says it all.

An Ecosystem of Writing Ideas, by Jack Collom. Teachers & Writers Collaborative: New York. Looks like Jack Spicer meets Gary Snyder in a tres sophisticated kinda way. Too early to tell though, having just glanced through it.

Alterations, by Ronnie Burk. Hekate's Gallery, San Francisco. Ronnie must have a bunch of elves who scurry to put out his work while he rolls fatties up on rooftops.

Playing with Light, by Beatriz Rivera. Arte Publico Press, Houston. A novel with a cover that don't do much.

Point d'ironie, no. 17. Giant broadside poster thing published by Agnes B. and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Carrie Pilto 17 rue Dieu, 75010 Paris. www.ironie!agnesb.fr. "Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the entire paper. 100,000 copies are available free of charge around the world in Agnes B. boutiques, museums, galleries, schools, cafes, cinemas." This one's all about John Giorno.

One Blood: The Narrative Impulse, Ronald Spatz, ed. Alaska Quarterly Review. It's an anthology which takes the place of vol. 18, issues 3 & 4. Work by Patricia Hampl et al.

Rattle, winter 2000. Tribute to Native American issue.

SF Weekly: The Return of the Bastard Angel, vol 19, no. 40. A hip weekly concerned with poetry, film, Harvey Milk memorabilia, and human rights stuff.

The History of America, by Ronnie Burk. More fun collages and wurds.

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