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Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life

Cyberbag 11
by Mark Spitzer


Ciao mein Cyberbag, Ciao mein Cyberbagged. Ciao mein Andrei, Ciao mein Andrea, Ciao mein Plamen, Ciao mein Rex, and all my faithful proofreaders. Ciao mein viruses, Ciao mein porn, Ciao mein crazies, Ciao mein corpse.org. Ciao mein crappy computer, Ciao mein submissions, Ciao mein servers, and hypertext protocol. Ciao mein angry emails, Ciao mein the opposite. Ciao mein gar, Ciao mein goo, Ciao mein gators, Ciao mein Atchafalaya, Ciao mein Baton Rouge.

It was an exquisite honor to work on the Corpse.

     - MS.


Grant Shipway writes to us from an old Soviet/Magyar typer in Budapest only to have his work butchered into this:

     if you'll forgive me for being
     blatant and prurient, I'll try not to litter


     little chickens, little chickens
     nobody ever kept them as pets


     banana flavoured condoms and menstrual blood
     do not smell good together


     only assholes and police have guns


     two pairs of breasts keeping

St. Wishnevsky thanks the terrorists for awakening us from our slumber (but we ain't so quick to agree). Good list, though:

We are the pirates and the revivers and the slavers and the Kluxers and the nightriders and the paddy-rollers and Johnny Reb and the taxman. We are the Voyagers and the Vikings and the Boers and the Sooners and the Jayhawkers and the Cossacks and the Hussites and the Freebooters and the Commancheros and the Puritans and the Conquistadors and the Roundheads and the Sonderkommanos and the Einsatzgruppen and the Vanagarians and the Hell's Angels and the Vandals and the Huns and the Goths and the Celts and the Fenians and the Legionaires and the Rangers and the Raiders and the Templars and the Plug Uglies.

Roger Kees loves a lovely phantom gal:

The invisible tide of the moon and magnetic waves of galloping tulips, pristine and perfect-this is the music rolling off her hips...

David Bulley punctuates his story thusly:

All the givens are given. All the lies are already told and can't be untold. The hole is now. Who sticks it in?

Nick Kryloff's prologue to Suckvegas starts off gutsily:

Thirty thousand feet below, Vegas rises out of the desolate beauty of the Nevada desert like a throbbing neon pustule on the divine asshole of God himself.

Mike Sammons is perfecting the art of cover-letter writing:

dear cunts,

you will now publish the attached poem as it should be published.
if you refuse to do so, i will murder my own corpse.

Who knows who this guy is what goes by the name of "Kurt," but he writes silly surreal jingles in the lingo of laughy lexicon:

     i die
     am covered in stinking sores
     am whiter
     than your greatest fright
     my eyes darker than your dark night
     i cook your children
     on my grill
     because i am hungry
     and will have my fill

     i stink
     like the horniest animal
     juggling his balls in the sunset

     i starve
     like the bony child
     washing his malformed balls
     in american gravy

     my lungs pant
     for weeds that grow
     in the sultry wilds

     my eyes burn like fires
     for your eyes
     like pillows of snow
     to let me go

     and my fingers twist
     hungry for the warmth
     under your soft
     olive colored wrist.

Geoffrey Gatza envisions comic book poetics:

The City is Dark
orange outlines black skylines

electricity has gone out in times like this
the people are frightened

There is a sedan upturned
engine on fire

This too before

the globe on top of the
Daily Planet
spins over metropolis

We can see the bend of the earth's curve from this height

into distance

there seems to be
too many stars in the sky

pieces too close
closer than the moon

coming across the heavens





off course from the Oort Cloud
on the rim of our solar system

coming in

The scientists
on their telescopes

just now saw them

I am glad I could help

like I have a choice

The caped figure flies head first, hands dive into, at the, heart
of the largest of the flaming meteors

there are hundreds

Like many, Shane Allison is keeping an eye out for Ginsberg:

I search for you in the lobbies of bus stops,
in the personals section of gay porn magazines.
I search for you in piss porcelain urinals of shopping malls.
Check for signs of Jewish ejaculate in the rings of gloryholes.
I search for you through the concrete jungle of America.

Bob McGowan sends this advice on

     How to guard your garden
     Against predation

     From vertebrate pests

     Hang CDs

     On the high wire
     Along the fence
     Around the bed

     Rainbows ruined
     With corrupted files
     And bad images

     Wink nonsounds
     In the twilight

     Give them pause
     Tell them

     Not tonight, deer.

When the Corpse Rises Again, We'll Take Another Hit

Sam Tsitrin, Mike Golden, A. B. Crider, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Brian Kimberling, Art Savage, Mathew Forstater, John Pietz, Frank Reynoso, Kate Carr, Moji Agha, Shane Guy, Gabriel Shaffer (if you want to submit to us, make it clear you want to submit to us; otherwise, please take us off your mailing list, we've got enough poetry to read), Wotan, Darren Higgins, Magdalena Alagna (nice ass poems!), Doug Woody Woodsum (would like to see some poems without names of famous people), Luke Buckham, Michael Maschio (that was a damn good way to start a story; but the ending couldn't compare), Rusty W. Spell, George Nelson, Nate Pritts, Steven Wolfe, Jeff Diteman, Richard Dreckl, Mike Mellish, Alistair Noon, Dave Malone, Lee Vilensky, Gary Sloan, Finley Kipp, Stephen Kirbach, Paul Beckman, Molly Snyder Edler, Richard Fein, Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Joey Pov, Doug Anderson, Darby McDevitt (sorry Darby--you've spent almost as much time in the bag as I have, now), Mike Fulton, Dale Smith, Karen Ashburner, Ryan Smith (that's a long haul from Wisconsin to Miles City, MT. in a day), Matthew Suss, Kris T. Kahn (self-absorbed but Xper/mentally acceptable), Jonathan Penton, Diane Payne, Jacob Howland, Morgan Hobbs, James Wall, Judd Hampton, Andrew Wilson, Garin Cycholl, Robert Steven Rhine, Angus Somerville, Mark Peters, Tom Bradley, Jane Grey, Nate Ochs, James Machnauer, Sabina Becker (but we still love you), Mark N. Katz, John Kitterman, Jeremy Machalek, Christopher Locke, Brandy Sejeck, J.B. Pravda, Claude Lalumiere, Sebastian Zach, Jim Marquez, Kirby Wright, David J. LeMaster, Frank Matagrano, Ehab Bandar, Marcus Kane, K.R. Copeland, Scott Minar, Hammond Gutherie and Gavin Keeney, John Bryan, John Morkel, Vernon Fowlkes, Sam Vaknin.

Dang Nabbit!

Shamrock McShane, Angela Vasquez, Sera Gamble, Reverend Shakes Spear, Jean Paul Taylor, Richard Hanig (interesting subject, but in need of some wang dang doodle), Jack Goodstein, Sean Dwyer, Tim Lockett, Eugenio Volpe, Chester Gates, Jay Marvin, Helen R. Weingarten, Elizabeth Saneholtz, Tiff Holland, John Kidd, Peter Papadopoulos, Alec Scott, Andy Prunty (you had me going there with all the glue-huffing & incest, but it ended like a premature ejaculation), Chris Kakacek, Niccolo Caldararo, Wes, Michael Helsem, Marc Adler, Mary Pierce, Rob Pliskin, Debbie Urbanski, Jinn Fuller Renfro, Carolyn Miller, Ray Norsworthy, Ken Deifik, McCrary, Felicia C. Sullivan, Jared Hegwood, John C. Erianne, Susan Firer, Alan Davis, Robert Lavender, Nika Boyce, Gillian McIver, Anne Sharpe, Wayne Mason, Gary Percesepe, Jacob Dean, Lori Smaltz, Ernie Shoemaker, Jordon Leigh, Dennis Loo, Sera Gamble, Brendan McKennedy, Robert James Berry, Jonathan Lee, Brian Lane (we get a hell of a lot of Jesus stories here and they pretty much all seem the same), Lynn Pattison, David Goldstein, Vanitha Sankaran, Morgan Hite, Beverly Tsao (thought your stuff was intriguing, but not for us), Joe Pitkin (please send Melissa to the Corpse), Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle (hey, you already sent us this stuff), Leigh Radtke, D.E. Griffith, Max Lawrence, Joe LaDuke, C. Jay G. Van Buren, Joan Wilking, Tracy Scarpino, Ashley Morris, E.A. Hilbert, Robyn L. Loda, Jo Neace Krause, Michael Salinger, Juliette Braun, Jonathan D. Weaver, Marcy Jarvis, Angelo Gianni, Danny Duncan Collum, Arlie Parker, Chris Floyd, Malvina Krol, Bill Savran (try Scatman Cruthers), Amy England, Gail Louise Siegel, Sam Silva, Toby Art Siegel, Jackie Payne, Dennis D. Loo, Aine Farrell, Laura Manuelidis, Paul Galvin, Leigh Kirkland, Nan Hunt, Charles Derral, Thaddeus B. Bower, Hesse Caplinger, Edward Foote, Stephanie Dodaro, Tien Nguyen, Dr. Prasenjit Maiti, Janene Hansen (Pizza Church!), Liz Amini-Holmes, Forrest Aguirre, Stephen Ausherman, Toby Juliff, Stephanie Bobo, Jeff Werner, Chris Abernethy, Richard Jordan (the Carver one was good), Thomas Larson, Mathew Waylar (hot stuff, not for us), Ronald F. Currie, Jr., Hannah Levbarg, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Pat Cason, Andy Miller, Leonore Wilson, David Mark Dannov (a bunch of stories about fratboys on drugs--but what's the point?), Dan Grossman, Jay Dillon, Ron Morelli has naked neighbors, Lynn Veach Sadler, Carol Jameson, Mark McManus, Steven Skaggs, Michael de la Pena, Felicia Devers, J.M. Scoville, Tonya Judy, Andrew Nicoll, Karen Carpenter, David Iancu, Morgan Showalter, Laura Bajor (your text was full of edits), Jonathan Messinger, Tim Windsor, Aaron Anthony Weiss, R.A. Pavoldi, Toby Leah Bochan, Animesh Ray, Daniel Kemp, Alethea Eason, Kevin Keck, Rappolini, Kari Edwards, Howard Roark, Anna Smith, Richelle Putnam, Naama Goldstein, Ingrid Martinez-Rico, Richard Kostelanetz, Ivan Lopez-Muniz, Anna Sidak, Inderjeet Mani, Jesse Riley, Jason Foreit, Patrick Scott Belk, Jeffrey N. Johnson (good luck trying to get your suicide letter published, keep at it), Mathew Waylar, Timothy Cullen, Jamie McNett, Michael Dare, Lance J. Popoff, Randy O'Brien, Zach Williams, Danny Mack Daniel, Adrian Blevins, Nick Antosca, Susan O'Neill, Adrian Kien, Jamie "welcome back sucker" Cassar, Mary McCluskey, Ronnie Donn, John L. Kernell, Bruce Michael Conforth, Neil Grimmett, Peter Brown, Erin Elizabeth, Katherine (Erin) Harris, Kevin Ducey, Asterisk (either you keep sending us this story through a bunch of other names, or a bunch of people are sending us the same story), Jack Conway, Clay Matthews, Jack Strange, Christopher Chen, Nathaniel G. Moore, Lanny Quarles, June Coleman Magrab, William Campana, Bob Herdlein, Justin Asher Siegel, Cora Poche, Paul Latham, Louis Diamond, Alyce Lomax, Joel Lipman, W. L. Betz, Amanda Marchand, Wes Gartner, Matt Seigel, David Grimm, Michael Gaffigan, Lori Selke, John Repp, Richard Kittl, Mark Pomeroy, John Thomas Murphy, Rebecca Pritchard, Alexandra Yurkovsky, Kelley Jean White MD (So, you want some feedback, do ya? Well, okay, here it is: the success you think you are experiencing is not success at all, it is just another instance of mediocre mainstream poetry saturating the mediocre mainstream market--so don't quit your day job), R.A. Pavoldi, Jeff Dickey (Dude, if this story is true, you best see a doctor), Michael Gaffigan, Annie Shellito, Jason Rawn, Wayne Wolfson, Matt Gill, Benjamin C. Lynch, Alexander Melis, Christropher D. Carson, Elizabeth Appell, Alanna Cleland, Rintin Scrabbleweed, Timothy Murphrey, James Barela, G. Johnathan Janis, Alec Scott, Barry Blumenfeld, Katie Knott, Nicholas Cannariato, Katie Bowler, L.A. Núñez, John Simonds, Dax Roman Godkin, Rob Smith, Harry Minton, Franklyn Rabow, Ryan Hagen, Corina Copp (here's a hint: don't send out stuff labeled "in progress"), R.M. Engelhardt (here's a hint: use a font that doesn't give people brain hemorrhages), Harry Kel (if you are "thanking us for a prompt and courteous response," you're barking up the wrong tree), Brendan Connell, Shetia M. Mays, Michael Ives, Andrew Coleman, Dylan Willoughby, Agiminon Tymes (here's a hint: SPELLCHECK), Richard Krech, Tammy J. Anderson, Gary Joseph Cohen, Kurt Lee, Robert Chamberlain (I saw the worst minds of many generations destroyed by imitating Ginsberg/etc, etc), William Stacey Cochran, Ryan Peterson, Owen Schaefer, Dain Smoland, Valentino Getty, Peggy Munson, Alec Scott, John Stinson, Jodi Varon, Mary Szmagaj (szorry), Mark St. George, Dana Littlepage Smith, Michal Lali Kagan, Ja'net, Eugene Halton (see note for Robert Chamberlain above), Chris Stroffolino, Adam Penna, Kent MacCarter, George R Crisp, JaNell Golden, Nune Hovannessian, Thomas Kerr (too bad, fucker!), Mitasio Corporation, T.G. Fricker, Karen Mandell, Jason Sanford, Jamie Berger, Mark Siegel, Adrian Cole, Gray Hayduke, Michael Alan, Gerard Rohlf, R. Reti, Muhammad Nasrullah Khan, D. Harlan Wilson, Peter Magliocco, Greg Stant.

Hall of Rhymes

Thomas Jones, Alan Wade, Matt Demo, Matthew Rogers, Chase Hamblin, J. Loid Miller, Susan Gorgioski, Artis Taylor (poem doesn't rhyme, but it might as well), David Catron, Michael Castagna, Bruce Bennett, Marcus Bales, Joke Kaviaar, Erik Karloff, Jackson T. Cassady.

Double Submitters and Poetry/Prose Pullers

Mathias Svalina, Brendan McKennedy, Carmela Cohen, Mia, Trix Niernberger, Naama Goldstein, Debi Orton.

Poems that Use the Word "Pomegranate" and/or "soul" with no Irony Whatsoever

Michael Spring, Scott Ford.

People Who Don't Sign Their Names

Moinous@aol.com, JPCPC5@netscape.net, Irishgirl9826523@aol.com (not our cup of tea), Wdsovern@aol.com (Bill who?).

Shite List (leave us alone)

Gervais Dremmiere (go bug somebody else with your erratic moodswings).

Stuff Received (up till mid-March)

Hellbent, chapbook by Nate Pritts, Lazy Frog Press, Lafayette, LA.

Trouble in Your House, CD by Bare Knuckles, Elan Vital Music. http://members.tripod.com/~JackeBerry/bareknuckles.html.

Zen Mountain Circus, CD by J.J. Tindall, MP3.com.

The Land of Milk & Honey: New Stories, by Fielding Dawson, XOXOX, Gambier, OH.

The 2nd Hand, installment no. 6, summer 2001. The punk-ass gang is at it again, with stories and comics and green ink attitude. Then we got no. 7.

River City, vol. 21, issue 2.

Living at the Monastery, Working in the Kitchen, poetry book by Eric Paul Shaffer, Leaping Dog Press, Chantilly, VA.

Oyster Boy, 13, art by Dee Rimbaud, fiction by Ken Wainio, poetry by poetry-ho Lyn Lifshin, reviews of Bob Dylan, Mark Strand, Philip Roth, Robert Creeley, Don DeLillo, Michael McClure, Cid Corman.

WordWrights, no. 25, who are these people?

Message to Aztlan: Selected Writings, by Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales, Arte Publico Press, University of Houston, TX.

Conflicts of Interest: The Letters of Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, Arte Publico Press, ibid.

The Courtship of Maria Rivera Pena, a novella by Daniel A. Olivas, ibid.

Under the Influence of Mae, by Gerard Shyne, Inwood Press, 979. Andrei says this is a good book & Plamen read it.

Fugue State, poems by Bill Berkson, Zoland Books, Cambridge, MA. I made off with this one and had Berkson sign it.

Sheepshead Bay, poetry by Ed Barrett. This book is full of lots of names we know: Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Charles North, John Wieners, etc.

Story Quarterly 37, mainstream writing for mainstream readers.

Call Me Magdalena, by Alicia Steinberg (Andrea G. Labinger, trans.) University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

liberté 253 (Hommage à Michel Beaulieu), C'est French!

The Eye of the Poet: Six Views of the Art and Craft of Poetry, by David Citino, Ed. Oxford University Press. Views of: David Baker, Billy Collins, Yusef Komunyaka, Maxine Kumin, Carol Muske, Ann Townsend.

Beethoven in the Temperaments, Enid Katahn, pianist. CD, Gasparo Records, Inc. Peterborough, NH.

H_NGM_N #1. This is an actual mimeo mag resurrected from the Past, but with poetry from the future. Poets include Tom Clark, David Saffo, and cover art by Skip Fox. Send two bucks to Nate Pritts, PO Box 41253, Lafayette, LA. 70504.

Mad Ludwig of Bavaria & Other Short Plays, by Robert Peters, Asylum Arts, Paradise, CA.

Under the Precious Umbrella, poetry by Robert Valenza. Nine Muses Books, Seattle/Pensacola. This book is beautiful. Beautiful paper, beautiful illustrations, sparkles in the pages.

The Women's Review of Books, vol. XIX, no. 2; vol. XIX, no. 5.

I Used to Be Ashamed of My Striped Face, by Mike Topp. Elimae Books (go to elimae.com, I guess). Ya can't go wrong with Mike Topp.

A Brief History of Flying, by Donald Guravich. Sardines Press/Third Ear Press, somewhere in California.

Why They Grow Wings, by Nin Andrews. Silverfish Review Press, Eugene, OR. From the author of The Book of Orgasms and Spontaneous Breasts, cum poems of lust and love.

Red Town, by Judith Skillman. Silverfish Review Press, Eugene, OR. A watered-down version of the above. Horrible author's photo.

Why Things Burn, by Daphne Gottlieb. Softskull Press, NY. Incendiary poems about sex, rape, love, crazy Jewish relatives, and freedom. Catchy cover & wow, look at the crazy way those poems look!

Wars, and Rumors of War, by Jack Saunders. Garage Band Books, PO BOX 930064, Norcross, GA. 30003. Looks like poetry, smells like prose. Chapbooks come in 3 parts; the second calls itself (cont'd) and the third calls itself (cont'd) (cont'd).

How Perfect Is the Order of the Air, CD by Salasin/Bochan, NYC 1985.

Freed Samples, by D.E.C. Robbins, Fort Apache Publishing, San Diego. Funny little pamphlet thing.

This Is the Beat Generation, by James Campbell, University of California Press, Berkeley.

Erased Faces, by Graciela Limon, Arte Publico Press, Houston. Cool cover.

Fronterizas: Una novela en seis cuentos, Roberta Frernandez. Arte Publico.

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, by Supervert, Supervert 32C Inc., NY. This is a crazy cyber paranormal sex book, supposedly. Heralded as a kind of 2001: A Space Sodomy, Sade is cited as an influence. For more info, go to www.supervert.com.

Hymns of St. Bridget & Other Writings, by Bill Berkson & Frank O'Hara. Owl Press, Woodacre, CA. Contains rare unpublished and out-of-print poems, a play, and an unfinished 'novel.'

Slipstream 21. Box 2071, Niagra Falls, NY. 14301. Send $7. This journal has always been a good one, and now it's even better, w/ high glossy arty cover and seductive photos throughout.

Dancing with the One-Armed Man, poetry chapbook by Alison Pelegrin, Slipstream, Niagra Falls, NY.

Tea Shack Interior: New & Selected Poetry, by Andrew Schelling. Talisman House, Jersey City, NJ.

Bloodline, poetry by John High, Talisman House, Jersey City, NJ.

Sittin' in with the Sun, chapbook by Carter Monroe, Rank Stranger Press, Mount Olive, NC.

The Stone Council, novel by Jean-Christophe Grange, Harvill Press, London.

Rattle, 16, Winter 2001. Stephen Dobyns--who cares?

The Women's Review of Books, vol. XIX, no. 4, Jan 2002.

Voice Lock Puppet, poems by Ali Yuce, translated from the Turkish by Sinan Toprak and Gerry LaFemina, Orchises Press, Alexandria, VA.

A Place Apart, novel by Ron Rozelle, Texas Review Press, Huntsville, TX. Anything with a title like this can't be any good.

Poetry Project Newsletter, December/January 2001-02. They think they're so cool.

American Book Review, Jan/Feb 2002. Straight reviews for straight readers--and I'm not talking heterosexual.

Colorado Review, XXVIII, Fall/Winter 2001.

Resurrecting Virgil, novel by Dorie LaRue, Backwaters Press, Omaha. Anyone who wants to resurrect Virgil ain't no fun at parties.

Munci, zile, alunecari de teren, poetry by Loana Leronim, Bucarest, Romania.

Three Dogs and a Parrot, poetry by Roberet Sward, Small Poetry Press, Concord, CA.

Rosicrucian in the Basement, poetry by Robert Sward, Black Moss Press, Windsor, Ontario.

Poems from the Akashic Record, by Ira Cohen, Panther Books, NY.

Impossible: The Otto Meuhl Story, by William Levy, Barany Artists, NY. Good epigraph: "To all sex offenders/you're one of them."

Indelible, Rachel Hadas, poetry by Rachel Hadas, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT. Poetry to puke by.

Veil: New and Selected Poems, by Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT.

House Organ, no. 37, winter 2002. Avec Clayton Eshleman, Jack Hirschman, Hugh Fox, Fieding Dawson, and essays on Olson.

Tight, no one. This is a tight little unit, nicely printed and presented. Issue includes Tom Clark, Billy Collins, Noah Hoffenberg.

Back in No Time: The Brion Gysin Reader, edited by Jason Weiss, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT. If this book would've come out 20 or 30 years ago, Gysin would now be considered more of a writer, rather than an artist/inventor/collaborator. I'm taking this one home.

Excuses to be Outside (chapbook by Duck Down, Fallon, NV), Sometimes a Blue Song (chapbook by P.O. Press), Unter der Haut (poetry by Maroverlag, Germany), Nonesuch Creek (poetry by Duck Down, Fallon, NV), Spring Training (chapbook Bombay Duck, San Francisco), all by Al Masarik, who I think was a drinking buddy of Bukowski's. Good shit!

Murder in the Sentier, novel by Cara Black. Soho Press, NY.

12 Cautionary Tales, CD by Sal Salasin--with a poetry video. Hey Sal, take Andrei's mom off your listserve.

Guilty Pleasures: True Tales of Erotic Indulgence, edited by M. Christian, Black Books, San Francisco. Man, I love a cover with a beautiful ass.

The Emergency of Poetry, chapbook by Andrew Joron, Velocities Chapbook Series, Berkeley.

Call Someplace Paradise, novel by Pat Hartman, Xlibris.

The Shell Collector, stories by Anthony Doerr, Scribner, NY.

The Arts Paper: A Journal of the Boulder Arts Commission, Feb/March 2002.

Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics, no. 25. Good smallpress stuff.

Noon, #1, I guess.

Shell Shaker, by LeAnne Howe, Aunt Lute Books, San Francisco.

South Central Review, vol. 19, no. 1.

Forfuckssake, by Robert Lasner, Ig Publishing, New York. These people really caught my attention when they sent a chicken dinner in the press package (chicken breast fillet with rib meat, chunked and formed, breaded in tomato sauce, with cavatelli, sauces, forks, napkins, the works). From the back cover: "a story of obsession, passion, longing, vomiting, and ultimately, aimless travel to a lot of different cities and states... Philadelphia, New York City... Winnesota" [sic].

Junk English, by Ken Smith, Blast Books, NY.

Who Are You, Linda Condrick? by Patricia Carlon, Soho Press, NY.

The Fortune-Teller, by Victor Sejour (trans. Norman R. Shapiro), University of Illinois Press, Chicago.

The Jew of Seville, by Victor Sejour (trans. Norman R. Shapiro), University of Illinois Press, Chicago.

Sorescu's Choice: Young Romanian Poets, edited by John Fairleigh, Bloodaxe, UK.

Censored Poems, by Marin Sorescu (trans. John Hartley Williams and Hilde Ottschofski), Bloodaxe, UK.

Bunny, poems by Selima Hill, Bloodaxe, UK.

The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge, Trans. Stuart and Michelle Kendall, University of Minnesota Press, Mpls. Absolute Crap! Bad translations.

Go Ahead Spit on Me, poetry chapbook by Willie Smith, Unnum Books, 6735 SE 78th, Portland, OR. 97206 (write for price or send a few bucks). From the polemical and perverted mind of the author of "Spider Fuck" and other infamous masturabatory manifestos of fiction comes this fine collection of surprisingly non-toxic verse (this stuff is actually reverent--at least the first half; then comes the groping, the mud-humping, the guns and the Spam).


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