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The Etude of Murder
by Kenji Siratori ||
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The love of the clone that the fractal sun gene of the basement was murdered to the lung of an embryo short....the catastrophic flight of the placenta and ant decay to the hearing of the ecstasy of a cadaver. Anti-faust of the artificial sun raises the queer voice of magic to the desert of the blood vessel within the brain. The birth of the rhinoceros bar stratosphere of cells is reversed. The vagina that the cyber was dismantled is done to the chaosmic body of an ant lion fuck once again. It decays. ....the tacit quickening of the secret that is the drug-motion of an ant is resolved. By the desire of the zero dimension of heterogailien by....the aerofoil of the fractal cyber of the cadaver city....chaos rapes the larva of soul. The organistic spring the negative outer space of gravity although infinite the murderous storage of an embryo--in the limit highway of the cadaver city--cut off. The common material cell division artificial sun of the nightmare of a dog dives to the horizon of the drug war that erected to the clonic brain of the immortality of an embryo....heterogailien that the mystery of gravity was scrapped the bond of a vital disillusionment linked the drug embryo of the artificial sun did the rhythm of the cadaver of the light year falseness so! The human body disguise program. A chromosome on the black continent where disclose....scatter
     Consciousness of myself sneaked into the monochrome ovarium of dive that did short from the thyroid of the cadaver city to the negative insanity of the material that waves the spectacle of the artificial insemination that the planetarium of an ant cuts the back of the eyelid of the clone that was beating to sec of the suicide that the brain of the fatalities that the consciousness of myself scratches darkness and divided was notifying and tore
     The artificial sun instigates the replicant of the cadaver of an embryo. So that light is playing strange the moon to an infinite corpse....the embryo of treachery record the nightmare of the brain of myself. Cells of myself are going to ruin to the melody of the chromosome of f/0 that the rhythm-machine of BABEL invades the milligram of eye of the cadaver that measure and be the quark of the disillusionment that myself prevailed to the atmosphere to the desire of the weaning of the cadaver city of the gray hand of the drug rhythm to sec of awakening....
     The eraser head....is suffocated....I was killed....to the slaves of the mass of flesh who tell the high tide of the nightmare. The singing voice of heterogailien does the imitative octave of the milligram of the cadaver city that omits the mirror of chaos the battle physically the skizo-falseness.


The clonic love of the artificial sun does the black hole of a vital body palpitation. The pupil of the mitochondria stores the cell murder of chloroform. ....the synapsetic prisoners of the artificial sun who the body fluid like the sea of an/the ant commits suicide in the electromagnetic field of the entropic grief of the cadaver city do the sonic chromosome of the abnormal world rhythm....the skizo of the quark hell embryo dances. I disappear....call....the drugy womb of the electron self-containing is erased to the breath of the cell of heterogailien that the stratosphere of micro-murder opened the loophole of the artificial sun to the ovarium of the deep sea the direct of the outer space that was jointed to the brain of the ant that was discharging to the zero=waves of brain cells. The hallucination war. The mass of flesh of perception=outside flood. The eye of the desert the monochrome vein of the murder of skin under does the action principle of the digital=vamp_meat. As if the insanity of the milligram of an embryo goes off the infinite virtual image of the artificial sun in the chaosmic
     frontier of a vital body so DNA=channel of myself rapes VTR of the cell war that erected to the horizon of clone-TOKAGE....imperial tomb to the desire of the machine of adam and proliferate the bacteria of grief to the sonic placenta of the decay just before....ant of gene=TV. The insanity of an embryo transforms the consciousness of myself to the marionette of ectoplasm. The negative eyes of the atomic nucleus hunting for the grotesque....amoeba form breakthrough of the dog of adam is beaten to the horizon in the last term of the cadaver city.
     Consciousness of myself that splits time faces to the escape circuit of the body tissue of heterogailien that explode by the space=human genomes of the cadaver cities that the artificial sun is incubated and open the window of the outer space that the gimmick of the massacre of an embryo accelerates and the micro-war of myself suffocated as long as the instant of the supreme bliss of the cell other self does the quark of the light year of the mummy falseness the blue of the sky to become the vector of infinite murder so that the love of the clone that quiesces does the zero of an embryo suck blood with the hell of the cell that dashes the hearing of the fatalities so that it is going to be disillusioned--do the heteromaniac prisoners of the blue sky who anti-faust of the embryo of myself will do ectoplasma of an infinite small cadaver city desire falseness! Like the grief of the end that is volatilizing to the face of BABEL....to replical....inheriteds.
     "the murder proposition of a cell to the remainder of the
nerve/language----adam of the pierrot. The infinite storage of catastroph"

The mass of flesh of murder reflects with the interior of the womb of the hallucination of myself. The desire of zero sloughs off inside the digital sponge of the cadaver city exactly. ....of embryo of hetero nature of intention....quark artificial sun tube that turned pale mixes falseness of Level 0 of the cell. To the cerebral cortex of an ant in the monochrome intermediate world of the chromosome which heterogailien of the artificial sun was filling....the murder that the rays of the vagina of clone-eve become unknown with a micro the strategic body fluid of the disillusionment that I was committing the cyber space of the dog where was doing world itself thinly circulates evil....the chromosome of myself faces to the virtual image of the murder of the chaos of the artificial sun so and subside....and the soul is raped by the bloodsucker of the electron theory of the larva who picked out a vital nebula from catastroph of DNA=channel. The cyber shoots the X foot of the cadaver city. As for the insanity of the material that clone the instrument of the evil of a chromosome in the reverse side in the moon where be reminded of the circle of the wisdom of a cadaver so, the consciousness of myself is the melody that impossible to the perception of micro-murder the non=vital target=circuit of the thinking in black hole....sodom of the demolition condition of the elementary particle of gene=TV fertilizes out of the consciousness of myself the body! Or circulates as the potential subroutine of BABEL is form vital the interior of the womb of the hallucination of myself the amoeba of a dog of cell other self the murder that is not vital to the reptic vision of the artificial sun continues to be incubated.... So the sadistic singing voice of the drug embryo with....the vital body of ADAM discovers the masochism of as long as that the sun is artificial.....and as for the replicant of yourself, I embrace the larva of the chaos-id of the opposite=sun....(the subroutine for sun target=pillien).


::out of control

:the artificial sun drug embryo of the body=plug of the machine line....machinative angel of dustNirverna the brain of <
      Thin vacuum, ADAM doll of
      Nerve fiber
      The machinative angel assembles....the cheerful machine-seeds of the placenta world....laughs impossible to....1/8 of emotion of the sun accelerate it to the satellite pack of an existence difficult soul-machine: the motion of vital/non=being of the ADAM doll....ant of: escape the body junkie who! :the stratosphere of uterus-machine parasitism person of the cosmology of the over there of that season pupil of ?~f?T: the miserable insanity of clone boys who the gimmick girl who explodes replicate happy: of a chromosome that was recovered begins to laugh....the sea of the lapse of memory line....gene of M++++++I reproduce....the residual gauge of the soul-machine [future=ADAM doll respires era++]
      Because myself is the speed: the artificial miracle of the sun: a suicide replicant that impossible to

The reproduction area of ant of the matrix body fluid: poor ganglion ADAM doll where machinative angel LOAD commits suicide. In reverse side moon which sleeps love-replicants Mars:. the world that went to ruin in the over there of pupil resuscitates:
      REC=road/genital organs of the gimmick girl.
      Emotional particle: her mind placenta world of drugy sun nightmare record amniotic fluid mechanism MHz? Copy the blue narcolepsy group sky short love artificial ant end clone: future system grief without mode ADAM doll decays plays with hell a cell....the cosmic rays soul-machines like dogs. >eye of the drug embryo collects hybrid mind of the ADAM doll. Vision that was transferred
      The heaven device: machinative body line....of the ADAM doll despairs. Worldly desires machine that her transy brain....thyroid of TOKAGE by LOAD:....it was removed....do the inheritance material of a homosexual anthropoid crunch so: the immortality of machine-seeds....[girl] of the gimmick desert does to the angel mechanism noise....the cosmic gene war of clone boys: the brain universe of BABEL animals is dashed....to the hybrid reverse=while evolving the body of an ant....the cadaver city in the short just before: the nightmare of road where the replicant consciousness of "ADAM" commits suicide is radiate heat from the internal organ of the ADAM doll of the amniotic fluid mechanism.
      F^U^C^K^N^A^M=the gene connection of the artificial sun. The drug embryo respires the disillusionment circuit of god of et cetera era: I
      escape....the womb area medium of the nano-machine.
relative....clone-skin thinks about....ADAM doll....1/8....Mars: the
planetary=plant of
unknown I conceive: technical-ants! :her storage does not exist there be
only if her lie in where the sleep of a gradual tragedy so anymore the
living body of even the contempt between unstable space-time even
Political Clone 1 Although this cadaver city is road connected to the genital organs of the ant pattern of the gimmick girl: the soul-machine of the erase line zero of the storage of the sun LOAD....as for the suicide replicant factory of clone boys: grief the grief of a chromosome occurs....: the gel form nightmare of BABEL animals....I die the ADAM doll is replicated and is paint the catastrophic sun line of the placenta world cyberBuddha of: the transy inheritance device: we and in laughter
      (monochrome earth escapes in the inside)
      Hybrid thyroid of the planetary machinative angel of the ant: the machine-seed of the desert that the deep-black erosion speed of the artificial sun: the cyber dog of dustNirverna: K that was measured by the body of the clock mechanism of the drug embryo radiate heat is
      infectious....the emotional circuit of the ADAM doll short....the horizon of her chromosome toward....the time axis of demolition line....uterus-machine of the ADAM doll that the over there of the pupil of myself does the sun-image of the pity of the placenta world fuck goes mad....the DNA=channel rotates reverse/skizoid and others of brain K,
      self-consolation line that was secreted the body of an ant to drugy of the machinative angel that is operating negatively dance....FUCKNAM!....


Gimmick girl: respires the DNA of the artificial sun....the clumsy world of the drug embryo: the ADAM doll where vomits the machinative gene system: the body channel of TOKAGE makes the REC brain open....the drugy sun is drifting the criminal nervous system of cyberBuddha so. Clone boys erase horizon: of the placenta world....

:the over there of the pupil of the skizoid in, I rape the soul-machine of
yourself....the asphalt of ME/....myself that I murder be so that the line
of the clonical love doubles to the body matrix of the drug embryo so brain K of the clone boys: the mutant of the opposite=sun that crowds into the gravity of the cadaver city that god GODNAM replicant suicide line myself of HELP/ME....et cetera changes to the worldly desires machine that become a cell because the sun line of the machine-seed of yourself is respired.
Physical speed of an ant zero gravity of the artificial sun that is eroding
the replicant consciousness of myself to the hybrid emotional:::


:the onanism group protein of clone-skin is doing 1/8 of brain of the ADAM doll: the strategic body of an ant: the soul-machine of the cosmology of grief that the cyber dog which fix the orbit of dustNirverna that cancel the resuscitation line of the end clone to the end of nervous system: be the blood of a machinative angel the road machine of the cadaver city: so that fuck junk to the angel mechanism crunch....apoptosis season of the chromosome of yourself the scream, that the gimmick girl awoke sleeps....LOAD....the DNA=channel of the narcolepsy storage-group....blue sky of the sex machine....sun of cyberBuddha: the clonical love of boys is activated
      Her worldly desires machine dash the murder area of the sudden death-game/artificial ant....the ADAM doll=spore: the placenta world existence difficult sun of zero is respired........the drug embryo of "the suspicion", incubates the happiness that the larva machines of matrix body fluid took out crazy of the BABEL animal....ADAM doll of the
disillusionment. CLONICAL/ONE

:the fiying eye/

Reverse exceeding the cadaver city of the retina which proliferates in the over there of our pupil replicant [nightmare] of the placenta world to=the artificial sun evolves....the control line of the amniotic fluid mechanism of the ADAM doll: uterus-machine smiles. Body: the worldly desires machine of the womb cell mechanism of line....road that ant eradicated
      Lonely masses of flesh of which do apoptosis=
nano-machinative tragedy of the hell of the despair function....cell. Murder the madness line machinative angel of the clock mechanism of the screen ADAM doll who gene=TV decays: incubate the speed: the skizophysical body system of TOKAGE
Drug embryo "perishes" and do outer space mode of/
Our NIHIL begins to move....
The soul-machine of the ADAM doll is resolved in the angel mechanism of the eve_eyes. -it is resolved. Our soft heaven is resolved by XXX. -

The clumsy world

The DNA=channel of a grief=body....artificial ant is respiring
      Outer space of annihilated lonely:
      The larva speed of the soul-machine. Body fluid of myself gene=TV screen on I record the grief of the virus of the ADAM doll. /noise
      Our paranoia-body crunches to the angel mechanism to the vast
      asphalt=universe of this cadaver city that TOKAGE of mental abnormality laughs....
      End clone is mated to the night sky of the desert
      Replicant genital organs of the gimmick girl are disillusioned at the
uterus-machine state: the REC=head line of the placenta world
      I] love [it

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