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Garcia's Walking Pharmacopoeia Blues
by Amalio Madueno


I am treatment resistant
I am my own pharmacopoeia of medicinas
I produce therapeutic drogas at no cost to myself
         Lycozymes in my tears
         Antibodies, deadly interferon viral headhunters
         Lymphocytes & Polymorphonuclear leucocytes
         Massive hordes of Immunoglobulin &
         Marauding T cells swim in my blood like Navy Seals
         Endorphins in my medula, enkaphalin, dynorphin, L-Dopa, Testosterone
My immuno-machina is programmed not to turn on me
I've both passive and active immunity
And a built in automatic pleasure center pumping cerebral opiates

This treatment resistant auto-medicador
Doesn't care if the major pharmaceuticals can
'Drill down to the needy patient from anywhere in the country,
The barking Chihuahua of my heart continually warns off the evil eye
I don't need a depression pocket alarm card or a Zoloft slide kit
Or the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992
Nobody, nobody messes with my seratonin re-uptake pump

My metaphysical angostia is none of Pfizer, Lilly's or Merck's negocio
They'll never know when I've suffered enough
There is no pill for Suffering
Agony doesn't recognize pills tangible pills don't reach intangible agony
Pills don't explain the justification for Grief
Can suffering come to an end within my point of view
Do we meet somewhere in infinity if we take our separate views of agony far

I, the longterm chronic treatment resistor
Ignore the corporate narcs take a look:
         Norpramin with Indiral (to counteract doubt)
         Prozac, Norpramin & Yocon (to counteract priapism)
         (Zoloft with Tenormin & Norpramin to counteract ridicule)
         Lithium (Lithium, Buspar and a handfull of dirt to counteract drift)
         Paxil (Paxil, Lithium and Acidophilus for stomach ache)
         Pondamin with Paxil (because Paxil makes you eat like a pig)
         Synthoid (Paxil w/Synthoid to climb mountains)
         Luvox (Luvox w/Surzone to shield the eyes from shame)

I am the treatment resistant King of Pain
Believe me, La Metaphore del Dolore
Firmly confronted, transforms the Cuerpo of Tristesse
Molds character and illuminates the Muse
Pain transfigured has the face of the Muse
The face with which we fall in love

Cadavar Exquisito
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