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RUDY BURKHARDT loved Exquisite Corpse! We offer him this Bouquet of Poetry Roses and Bon Voyage Kisses from SIMON PETTET & BOB ROSENTHAL and present some of his Photographs.

Our VALENTINE'S DAY DEBAUCH exceeds all the Limits of Decency & Common Sense by corrupting our readers with the visual provocation of DAN SCHMALZ, the Catullian Excesses of ANDREW L. WILSON, the Scabrous Extracts of the Balkans in ED FIELD's Rendition, the Meta-Lyrico-Ironical Trespasses of LARRY SAWYER, ROBERT VISCUSI, W.J. SUNDERMEYER, DENISE NOE, & JOHN MACKEY, and the Lesbo-Terrorism of a JENNI OLIN ditty!

SHARON MESMER takes Poetry to the Agora.

PAT NOLAN, the Sage of the Russian River and Sage of the West Coast Zen School, continues here his Three-Decades-Long Song of Self, Rain and Memory!

From the Irascible Swamp of New Orleans, still covered with Mud, rises the Nearly Virginal Snow of DAVE BRINKS' Verse! This Sterling Substance, Mud-Snow, will one day be the Currency of these States!

Of SIMON PETTET there will be stories forever, but principally it will be said: "He Linked England and Manhattan."

MAGGIE DUBRIS demonstrates the Eternal Link between Eros and Verse!

MONICA NEPOTE is one of the Great New Voices of Mexican Poetry, here rendered into Subtle English by JEN HOFER.

New York is JENNI OLIN's Oyster! The Corpse loves her Pearls!

Consumate Radical and Surrealist RONNIE BURK fears Nothing!

From her post in Prague, GWENDOLYN ALBERT gives the World Shapes we stand before in Awe!

The Mexican Poet JORGE AGUILAR MORA's Mystical and Intelligent verse fell into the Hands of the Corpse Editor who mangled them with PHILIP HERTER's help!

Cris-de-Coeur from DENNIS FORMENTO, the Angry Man of New Orleans' Bywater!


In a Collaborative Clench worthy of Laocoon, BRINKS & CODRESCU wrest Plaint from the Last Vestige of Catholicism!

DANIEL KANE writes with One Hand Tied Behind His Back!

DAVID HICKMAN is Mysterious and Determined!

MARIN SORESCU was Romania's Great White Hope, while MIHAI URSACHI & VIRGIL MIHAIU whoosh to us on the Border-Shattering Sleds of Great Verse! Translated by the Indefatigable Lover of Romanian Poetry, ADAM J. SORKIN, with LIDIA VIANU.

RAY DiPALMA's Sculptural Poems! Shipped by Container Cargo!

RICHARD FEIN's excellent Table of Manners!

Another day of Rapture for BRUCE FARNSWORTH!

AMALIO MADUENO speaks with the Voice of the Desert! And That of a Pharmacist!


MIKE TOPP has created a Genre, TOPPOEMS, and has Spawned Imitators. He is Contagious!

JAY D. MANCINI, PATRICK PRITCHETT, & MARC SWAN have Nothing In Common except Edgy Verse!

SPARROW, a Corpse Favorite, Swoops on the Lowlands with Infinite Grace!

KAREN CHASE on the Heights!

HOLLY PETTIT in Full Armor!


BRYAN HUNTER in Chicago with Odd Instruments!

CHARLIE VERMONT, the Corpse's own Country Doctor, in a Torrent of Accuracy and Acidity!

MIRCEA DINESCU, Romania's most Simpatico Dissident, took over one of the Ceausescu's Palaces during the "Revolution" of 1989, but never stopped writing the Verse Herein! JULIAN SEMILLIAN and SANDA AGALDI English him!

The Unrepentant Revolutionary and Classics professor SAM ABRAMS mounts the Barricades Again!

We don't know ALISTAIR McHARG but the Dog Lovers on the Staff wanted him here!

ANDREW L. WILSON has stopped at the Tomb of STEPHANE MALLARME! The Corpse Staff usually goes directly to Apollinaire's, but Hey!

MICHAEL ROTHENBERG knows the score! For You!

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PAUL BOWLES was a friend of the Corpse! IRA COHEN and RICHARD COLLINS say goodbye to this great veizeir of Tangiers, letters, and the reposed century!

New fiction from the elusive TOM ROBBINS! The legions of his adoring fans have been besieging our castle in expectation! Wait no longer! Tom explains shit! We are not kidding!

MAURICIO MONTIEL, Capo of the Mexican Avantgarde & Keeper of the Wakefield Torch sizzles in this subtle tale of textual mindfuck.

The irreducible and multi-genred MAGGIE DUBRIS offers up juicy morsels of her novel Skells!

One of the uncompromising comic geniuses of our day, GERALD ROSEN, keeps postmodernism's tongue firmly in his cheek.

MARK SPITZER's serial novel, Chum, a gut-churning tale of lurid sex and unspeakable violence, debuts here in its first installment. Reader not raised on Melville and Bataille, beware!

JUVENAL ACOSTA, Conde de San Francisco, Rapier Wit of Mexico, Master of the Tattoo, reveals in Mudanza the sensual superiority of the Spanish Language!

DANIEL OLIVAS's personal encounter with the devil in Malibu!

SHELLEY BERC debuts in our pages the first installment of her serial masterpiece, Dante: A Girl's Guide to the Divine Comedy, a true guide to Dante's worlds for the modern woman!

SCOTT PARTRIDGE, GREG BOTTOMS, and CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS dignify the art of fiction after the Corpse's many attempts to demolish it! See how they do it!


PAUL KRASSNER, the man who made the Sixties even more entertaining than they were, reveals here two conspiracies that should send chills down the spine of every American!

The inimitable HARIETTE SUROVELL, whose disemboweling of the new sacred cows of Cyberspace sent readers of our last issue in search of their revolvers, is back in superb rant mode!

FRANK POLITE resurrects Hermes and enlists him in the battle of understanding what the hell is going on in the stratospheres of 21st century business!

Kafka's Castle has metamorphosed into the Castle Corporation! MICHAEL HARVEY blows its cover.

GERARD VAN DER LEUN takes up arms on behalf of the American Penis while chronicling its frightful descent! No Penis is safe in America any longer until Van Der Leun's account is understood by every Penis Holder!

ROBERT PERCHAN, the brilliant taxonomist of Korean Quim, reinterprets evolutionary theory for the New Millennium!

PETER WEVERKA autopsies our planet through a collection of old magazines!


A new book reviewed by ART ROSCH introduces active abuse to the word of self-help!

The poetry of Mike Topp finally gets respect! MARVIN TAYLOR translates the Maverick Topp into MLA-User Friendly Language!

The erudite KIRBY OLSON applies formidable critical acumen to the poetry of Peter Orlovski! The first study of this major poet!

ALLEN GINSBERG gave great head! IAN AYRES reveals the details! With Photograph!

JORGE GUITART and GREG FARNUM straddle the border between lyrical poetry and critical destruction with cowboy-like poise!

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The battle in Seattle was not what CNN told you! It was a genuine and refreshing revival of America's rebellious libido! See Special Agent DR. MENLO's account! Bowdlerize a gap!

Thirty years after Jack Kerouac's death, our correspondent, GERALD NICOSIA, reveals in acid and paranoid detail the true picture of the giant of Lowell!

Pata-Anthropologist AARON PETROVITCH wrenches a heart-breaking-police siren song from the jugular vein of the USA!

TOM SNEE has stepped into the faux source of ole man river not once or twice but many times and now he unmasks both Heraklites and the Minnesota Tourist Industry!

Teaching creative writing in China is no easier than climbing Everest! Read TOM BRADLEY's ultimate report on rapprochement Chinese-Style!

Read CYE JOHAN's Exquisite Autopsy of Japan through the medium of a book review! LETTERS
Write us more often, People, or we'll end up with Pages of Giving Head for Hariette Surovell!

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DANIEL FINNIGAN takes himself prisoner! He dreams anguished dreams of self in magical painterly language!

MAJOR HIGHTOWER 's clones are on the loose again! Speciae threatened!

JASON DeBOER rewrites Shakespeare in the Bard's own words!

DAVEY WILLIAMS brings on the Bonanza!

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