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Two Poems
by Michael Rothenberg


Scientific Fact

in a chair

in the garden
under a baseball cap

I'm supposed to be

  July 3, 1999

Things To Do

That's not many birds
That's one bird singing for attention
Bridges between islands
a long way from home
A place of passengers
Student travelers
Recent graduates of speed school
Tuesday mind trippers winging in formation
Venus schlepping rag merchants
Strippers in heels on wheels
Purple translucent game toys
with the memory
capacity of a novelist
More memory
than congress in session
More gags than The Marx Brothers
Going home to live more or die
Resume single-minded tinkering
in the tangled gardens of
remarkable captive strangers
who lend themselves
in desperation and hunger
to the vacation prospect
of peaceful disappearance

  July 20-21, 1999



Books by Michael Rothenberg available at Amazon.com (click on title for reviews and ordering information):

Favorite Songs
Overtime : Selected Poems (Penguin Poets) by Philip Whalen, Michael Rothenberg, Leslie Scalapino (Introduction)
Nightmare of the Violins

Other works can be found at:

Cortland Review -- www.cortlandreview.com/issuefive/rothenberg5.htm
Unlikeley Stories -- www.flash.net/~unlikely/rothenberg.html
Jacket - www.jacket.zip.com.au/jacket06/rothenberg.html
Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry -- www.thing.net/~grist/lnd/mroth.htm
Big Bridge -- www.bigbridge.org
Isibongo -- www.uct.ac.za/projects/poetry/isibongo/vol4-1/bongo001.htm
Frank's Home -- www.angelfire.com/hi2/frankparker/michael.html



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