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Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life


EC Chair

Wherein the EDITOR describes with Impunity & Authority what makes this issue & other current issues impossible to ignore.

Broken News

Late Breaking News: Is a virus art?

Neo-Nazi News: Far Right Violence Soars in Germany: Government Seeks Ban on Neo-Nazi Party, by MARTIN A. LEE.

A letter from Friedrich Engels to the Corpse via BILL BERKSON!

ART HILGART wonders where shame went in our foreign policy!

NORMAN SOLOMON looks behind the facade of the Global Digital Potemkin Village!

PAUL LINDHOLDT on Hunting Technology!

Our own CHRIS LYDGATE direct from the Earthquake in Portland!

SAL SALASIN’s diary of America! No punches pulled!

DALE SHANK on Flying without Memory!

CYLESTE COLLINS direct from the Oscars and from L.A. Confidential!

Critiques and Reviews

Notes on Translating, Beginning with some thoughts on Zukofsky's Shakespeare and Catullus, by RYAN GALLAGHER.

DAVID G. LANOUE looks at the poems of Bei Dao in English.

NATHANIEL TARN on Eliot Weinberger’s Karmic Traces.

RICHARD COLLINS on the on-going discussion of Exile!

JOHN VERLENDEN on Bruce Chatwin and the construction of new exotica myth!

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI on “the poetic city that was”!

ANDREI CODRESCU reviews Diane Di Prima's new memoir.

JASON DEBOER on Eschatology and Orgasm!

JACK COLLOM’s Eco-System of Writing Ideas!


JIM NISBET on the Book!

JERRY MCCARTHY’s Twelve Most Luddite Films of All Times!

RODRIGO DORFMAN on Werner Herzog’s Dwarves!

Fife File: An Epic Saga and Legal Tangle of New Orleans’ Hipster Age, reported by DENNIS FORMENTO, and glossed by RONNIE BURK.

KIRBY OLSON on Joanne Kyger and the Tradition of Zen Beatitude!

DALE SMITH on Edward Dorn’s Forms of Dispossesion!

ED SMITH’s memoir of Ted Berrigan!

CHRISTIAN PROZAK on Charles Bukowski!

R.K. ARNETT on Edgar Lee Masters!

MARK JACKSON reviews American Music!


Voila! Bow down to the omniscient CYBER SACK -- wherein our contributors are made legend and stuff is perused.

The Foreign Desk

VERNON CHADWICK: An Oxford, Mississippi boy in the Ukraine.

BRIAN KIMBERLING: Seeing Red in Czechosylvania.

MILES ROBEY on David’s Pilgrimage to India.

ABBAS ZAIDI in Pakistania.

JUDITH BECK’s feelings about Wallid Mula, Recipient of the 1991 Middle East “Education for Peace Prize.”

MARTIN A. LEE on the Politics of Ayahuasca in Amazonia: Shamanism vs. Capitalism.

HAMMOND GUTHRIE High in Lowland Amsterdam! (Really!)

MICHAEL STANDAERT in Utrecht, Netherlands.

JANN BURNER: Cruising! (Big Waves, Sea Rescue, Tension, Everything!)

MARCY JARVIS in Germany’s Black Forest: Fasching!

MARIO ACEVEDO: The Chicano Chronicles, Part 1.

GEORGE NELSON in the Carolinas: Asheville Salsa.

ALEX SYDORENKO in Confederate Amerigo.


JEN HOFER keeps driving in English on MAURICIO MONTIEL FIGUEIRAS' voyeuristic vision trek.

KEITH ABBOTT's football-furpiece fiasco gets wonky!

Adam Ant enters the equation in TERESA BERGEN's ongoing tale of Teens Gone Wild!

ANDREW WILSON's unconventionally Hyperilluminated Summation awakes Breton from the grave (briefly!)

DAN FANTE illustrates a Mooch for us and takes on the Law with a swarthy sexpot at his side.

JULIAN SEMILIAN pays the price of taking on an Olympic swimmer. His lewd letters expose him naked to the world.

Just when you thought MARK SPITZER's degenerate islanders couldn't get any worse, they launch a barrage of atrocities so horrific that our Victorian sensibilities roll over and give up.


Our READERS rave on, but we can take it.

Thus Spake The Corpse
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ANTHONY MARIANI reviews Drag City's Red Krayola! Hear it here!

ALFRED BURYCHKA paints a portrait of bongo pygmyous from the wilds of the Bongo Congo!

SKIP FOX flirts with The Damned while Arundo whoops it up in a technicolored blimp.

YODER HORTHITE sounds the depths of Lee Grue's live and lyrical new CD!

GOM JABBAR debuts his drum and bass syncopated ambience as the moons of Jupiter elliptically dance. Who is this guy?




Ten people walked out of the reading at Naropa when WILLIE SMITH read “Spider Fuck.”

Multi-lingual adventurer PANAIT ISTRATI chronicled the vanished world of the Levant. Once very famous, now forgotten, he is back in Ina Pfitzner’s sparkling translation from the French.

OWEN HANSEN on sex with a Passerine.

RHONDA K in a story of post-modern torment involving love and publishing.

Two stories by MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF: “Parades” and “Shock Treatment.”

JACK TRAMMELL drafts E.A. Poe in the service of a chilling new fiction.

Fictions by TOM FUGALLI, featuring odd names and unfamiliar places.

D.F. LEWIS: “The Smell of the Past.”

DENNIS BROCK is tough, noir, and American.

A powerful tale by MADYA NANDI: “Kola, Me, and Pristina.”

JOE CAMHI constructs and deconstructs in brief blocky jabs.

TERESA BERGEN passed on the Greyhound this way before; she’s on the same bus, with another vivid crew.

ANTHONY NEIL SMITH’s story will make you cry.

Brief proses with music by BART BECKER.

JOSHUA MOHR doing the ghostly voices of his generation.

Master of tragi-comedy, D.R. POPA, reveals some specific ethnic neuroses with universal reverberations in Calin-Andrei Mihailescu and Ramona Uritescu’s brilliant translation from the Romanian.

Pathos and history tango again in “Koloman’s Cross” by PETER FREUND.

HEATHER FOWLER’s characters spiral deep within the density of flesh.

There is deep horror in HAROLD WAYNE BOWMAN’s “Rat Guts.”

MARCY JARVIS impersonates the dog of Elian Gonzalez: Special to the Corpse.

GRANT BAILIE offers up some artificial porn.


If you visited our homepage for the past month you could not have failed to notice a beggar standing on this spot bowl extended toward you, monster lecteur, mon frere, mon semblable, mon zgircit. The beggar has now donned a frock & is happy to announce that some of you have insured an ongoing supply of ribbon & disks for us, but not the continuing survival of our cadavre exquis, which is now going to change its language from frank to post-american exchanging such words as "beggary" for "fund-raising," and "we need" for "technical support." None of this should concern you, corpse angels, who have earned bed & board here at the cypress swamp boneyard & have thus entered Am Lit via the back door of Corpse alms, but look for nothing but trouble, all you others, who'd rather eat at a new Bistro than see yourself undone, unzipped, and fit!


ROBERT BROWN's epic sketches denote more than cowgirls in heat and penal-porno spectacle: See here the Ink of our Ids in Estrus, my sweet.
ELLA VERES reflects the character and color of a Transylvanian dawn; the aurora is her shutter.

STEVEN BRATMAN posits a kid who keeps the world alive plasmatically!

SAM E. HIME mixes chemistry & history with apocalypse and apocrypha. This is his futurific soufflé.

KENJI SIRATORI's parasitic clone malice manifests itself in an uber manifresco.

CHRIS OXER's neuropsionic cascade of analogue arousal! Taste it on-line now.

PETE SNIEGOWSKI distills a D-line drug that'll make you skim the Turgid Edge!

Stage & Screen

ANDREI CODRESCU publishes RADIO MESSIAH, the one-man play he performed at the Lincoln Center in 1997 under the direction of George de la Pena. Since then, it has only been performed twice: in Central Park in 1998 and at Makkor in Manhattan in 1999. For performance inquiries e-mail: andrei@codrescu.com.

BLAISE CENDRARS’ extraordinary play “Gilles de Rais,” in English for the first time, translated by Mark Spitzer.



Observe Maestro CREELEY doodle on the margins of Francesco Clemente’s images!

See ALYSSA BURROWS make sirventes with Tonic Venom! (And Shudder!)

Behold Maestro BLY romp through myth like a gazelle in justiciary heat!

War and Other Disasters of the Soul flayed by JEFF GUNDY’s scalpel!

A fabulous anthology of HUNGARIAN POETS rendered into English by Michael Castro and Gabor G. Gyukics. See why Hungarian poetry, like horses, paprika, mineral baths, and early cinema, have been essential to Hungarians.

MIKE TOPP’s Corpse topiary where you expect to find it!

CLAUDIA GRINNELL operates one of our more sophisticated po motors!

STEPHEN PAUL is in a zero to two hundred miles/hr mood!

AARON PETROVICH plunges to the elbows in the poetic prose of certain Oedipal grounds we do our best to avoid here at the diurnal office.

RONNIE BURK knows how “Jesus became a shrunken penis” and shares his vision, which, together with many other Burkian visions over corpsian years, adds up to an architecturally impossible, but shrewdly alive, edifice.

FRANK MATAGRANO sets out to save Hackensack, New Jersey. Ok.

You can smell the russianness of the trains in LEV RUBINSHTEIN’s poems, englished here in all their birchy smokiness by Phil Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky.

NEELI CHERKOVSKI is running for the title of The Most Jewish Beat in his new epic concerning Einstein! See if he makes it! You be the judge!

JACQUELINE MARCUS parties with Descartes and Socrates! Comes back! Tells all to Corpse readers!

CATHERINE PARKE is a Distinguished Poet with a sense of Humor, whose work we like to present in Batches like plates of Baroque fruit, because they Look Good, Taste Great, and give us a Certain Cache!

In HOLLY PETTIT’s geographically diverse investigations, a rigorous cast of characters enacts fables for these flickering eves of too-late-capitalism!

The Joan of Arc of the Philadelphia poetry scene, C.A. CONRAD, teams up with FRANK SHERLOCK to lead the ragged bohemians to victory! (PS: She will not be martyred like Joan. The Editors.)

The Polish-sounding IVAN WIELIKOSIELEK writes in Spanish, references Marcus Aurelius and MTV, and is brought into Ingles by Virginia Milner Gorlitz.

The prose poem is not dead, plus it keeps paying homage to Kafka. There is proof of this in the work of ALBERT FLYNN DESILVER.

He has been called Indomitable! He has withstood the charge of Verisimilitude! He has occasionally Ripped Off lines from the Corpse Editor’s poetry to make his fallible little nests of lyric Puffery! He has founded the New Orleans School for the Imagination before there was even one dollar in the Bank! He is a one-man Sideshow! But to us he is DAVE BRINKS, the poet! Whatta poet, too!

MICHAEL GOLDEN is one of America’s most Justified Paranoics and he continues, to our distress, to plant his creepy radar in this Corpse!

The Talmudic Wizard of Amsterdam, BILL LEVY, greets our new Commander-in-Chief!

Still dusty from the streets of Cairo, JOHN VERLENDEN watches CNN!

JOEL LIPMAN does not let the American Bamboozle off the hook! In your face!

SAM TSITRIN wars on behalf of Seals, Language, and Complexity!

Seals butchered in florid detail return in STEVEN WOLFE’s “Man Eater!”

TERRY JACOBUS, after knocking out numberless poetry opponents, takes on the ultimate challenger, God! Who wins? See for yourself?

LISA MARTINOVIC, Slam Queen of the Ozarks, shimmies onto the stage with raw life trailing from her verse! And raunchy sex, too! (About time!)

MICHAEL IVES takes on both full quotes and italics the way Jacobus takes on God, and finds, for us, what is to be had from such clinches.

JIM DANIELS takes on the Tenured Guy and, after X-raying the critter, finds it “outside Paris,” among other things that we are keeping in suspense. (Recommended Reading for Professors!)

ANTHONY DIMATTEO’s homilies reminded us so much of how poetry used to be written in the days when poets were in the Untermeyer, we decided to try a little nostalgia on you!

DAISY FRIEDMAN is wonderful! We like Daisy! From Daisy we want more Poems! Thank you, Daisy!

Finally, with heavy hints of sensuality SUZANNE FRISHKORN starts our readers on the path back to some sexual solace! Please stay a little longer! Things are getting hotter!

But not quite yet! First, we must learn from ERIC WERTHEIMER the secrets of Benjamin Franklin!

Thank you for your patience! We now give you the splendid erotic fireworks of Miss UTAHNA FAITH’s poetry! It is OK to re-read them!

CHAD FARIES mines a 19th-century children’s book for sexual innuendo and double-entendres and comes back sweating and victorious!

Amsterdam’s hip poetry scene’s live wire, JOKE KAVIAAR, lays on the carnal sizzle! No regret! No embarrassment! Pure lust! Even tastes her fingers!

ANDY YOUNG, the reigning princess of New Orleans erotica, murmurs her incantos here, but students can quiz her in the flesh by enrolling in her class at the New Orleans School for the Imagination.

We think this poem by SHEILA LANHAM is just about sex and without any socially redeeming value whatsoever! Please read it a few times and tell us if we are right!

We think that YOUSSEF ALAOUI is experimenting with sex liquids and with political poetry, but we aren’t exactly sure.

DOUG TANOURY is, frankly, a poet of nipples and pubic penumbras! A servant of Eros, no doubt about it!

CATHRYN HANKLA also deploys nipples on a visual field that intersects more than casually with Tanoury’s esthetics!

MEGAN BURNS is working on the extraction of emotional certainties from pictorial traces of childhood, and finds, alas, future intersections of nipples and poems!

JOHN RANDOLPH CARTER experiences himself with continental bemusement!

In MAGED ZAHER’s prose poems the world is eroticized only to the extent that television and laundering will allow it!

MARCY JARVIS likes and doesn’t like things, just like us. We weigh and puzzle these sentiments.

Timothy McVeigh's injection was delayed, but PAUL MCDONALD is in the avantgarde.

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