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Burning Bush

TOM ROBBINS investigates the origin of cigars; he smokes them, too!

ED SANDERS belts out an epic song of America! 1945! From vol. II of America, A History in Verse!

BARRY GIFFORD says Goodbye to a Lover!

MIKE TOPP traduces PABLO NERUDA into imperfect English, rendering the brilliant Chilean Commie hip once more!

EDMOND JABÉS' viscous abstract density in an Englishing by Kevin P.Q. Phelan. Jabes last writings!

CLAUDIA GRINNELL is quickly becoming one of the Corpse's most coveted poets! Her fans are legion, overdeducated, and shameless! See here why this is the case and worse.

BORIS VIAN made existentialism singable!INA PFITZNER puts us in that cafe!

GARY KEENAN in a luxurious Corpse center-fold!

TRISTAN TZARA translated by the Czar of Tzaritude! Julian Semilian!

DENNIS FORMENTO unfolds like a raptor in a suite of poetic explosives!

ALIKI BARNSTONE in conversation with God, Greece, and men!

BEN MALOUF launches our first Country & Western hit!

KATHLEEN LYNCH on the Avantgarde and His Big Dick!

FRANK MATAGRANO attempts new Definitions of Faggot!

MICHAEL ROTHENBERG flips the counterfeit coin of California; it comes down deathhead!

JENNY SMITH traces the stars from Prague to New York via Denver with delphic nonchalance and russet cannibalism!

EDDIE WOODS of Amsterdam and Berlin keeps America in a huge drum in the living room & beats on it when he can't sleep!

JOSE CHAVES nurses a warm beer as if it were a nipple! And other phenomena!

MIKE TOPP is becoming increasingly literary! We liked it when he stuck to found animals!

ALAN SOLDOFSKY understands the night! They suffer together!

RADAMES ORTIZ bangs on the drum of the American night! Whitman on sax!

SAM ABRAMS on Pot! And Suburbia! Loves one, hates the other! Guess which is which!

CHRISTOPHER LUNA voyages through the underbelly of a home-made world. Jackson Pollock and Robin Blazer hang out!

JOHN EGAN in prose meltdown! Apoca-thrills by the bucket!

BRUCE FARNSWORTH verse-links his people with monsters from History!

MIKE GOLDEN wants the Head of Gregory Corso in English! Frenchified by Raymond Federman and Patricia Privat-Standley.

GEOFFREY CRUICKSHANK HAGENBUCKLE notes that "terrible indeed is the waking scheme"! Were we but awake!

NICHOLAS MORGAN wails from within an achingly familiar life!

WOLF BIERMANN gives it to us straight, thanks to INA PFITZNER!

JONIKA MOUNTAINFIRE worships the Goddess in a natural setting! Call her when you're in the hood!

Wow as SKIP FOX Goes For the Max with Max & Maxine!


EC Chair

Wherein the Editor describes with Impunity & Authority what makes this issue & other current issues impossible to ignore.


Our readers rave on, but we can take it!


SABINA BECKER's Sweet Cheeks slap out a song of revenge!

ERIC BOSSE flash-fictions in a psycho world!

TOM BRADLEY does a fumarole & other feats!

WILLIE SMITH is back! This is his first appearance in the Cyber-Corpse, a Corpse form he resisted strenuously with all the might of his beat-up typewriter! But we overcame him!

SAM E. HIME helps unfold some sleepy monsters and then makes you baby-sit them through unspeakable terrors!

JOY HEWITT MANN hacks into the matrix using Keanu Reeves as a blunt tool!

LINDA JANAKOS from Brancusi's Back!

RHONDA K wrestles Nike's Shoe from Cinderella's Hand!

JIM RULAND is furrier par excellence! Order your hats from his prose workshop!

ANNE-MARIE PEDERSEN has her freaks! We have her!

LEE GRUE plucks 'em screaming out of the New Orleans night!

ABBAS ZAIDI breaks the tenets of Islam in this ayatollah-curdling tale!


TERESA BERGEN's moonies converge on the displaced libidos of the sisters!

MARK SPITZER's islanders continue their onslaught on the gene pool of Alaska!

ANDREW L. WILSON continues to be clever in an arcane but compelling situation!

JULIAN SEMILIAN's Skeuromorph Detective gets so close to the crime scene we faint!

MAURICIO MONTIEL continues to mould JEN HOFER's English to his nefarious ends!

KEITH ABBOTT'S psycho-thriller accelerates with rip-roaring speed!

Search this site!

Stage & Screen

BARON VON BRATWURST's spectacular screenplay of a giant salamander wreaking havoc on the Pacific Northwest!

CURT HOPKINS brings Mertz back to the stage!


Cyber Bag

Voila! Bow down to the omniscient CYBER SACK -- born again, born anew, born in the USA!


RICHARD COLLINS kicks it into overdrive with his "Reading in the Raw" Column. He gazes mercilessly but justly inside Nancy C. Harris, Daniela Crasnaru, Gordon Massman & Christian Knoeller.

BRIGGS SEEKINS breaks down The Book Which Does Not Exist, by X, with a surprising satori!

SKIP FOX takes a hit off Tom Clark and passes it along!

MARK SPITZER shoots off his mouth regarding Dan Fante's new American novel and an interview with Charles Bukowski!

KEVIN P.Q. PHELAN line-drives it on home with an on-line review of an on-line masterpiece by Laird Hunt!

JOE SAFDIE unmasques Ammiel Alcalay, revealing a certain social Medusa!

Secret Agents

NEW ORLEANS: DAVE BRINKS Synthesizes Porphiry!


IRISH SPEECH: TIM DARDIS Precipitates Nuggets!

USSR & PHOENIX, AZ: DAVID CHORLTON finds the tunnel!

KODIAK, ALASKA: ALEX SYDORENKO freezes for the Corpse!

AFRICA: BILL SHUEY's intimate East-African Diary!

Broken News

JEFF SMITHPETERS blasts George Bush Jr. with his own words!

DAVID L. UPDIKE summons Dr. Kevorkian avec cut-ups of pure journalism!

ALISTAIR McHARG's schitzo-rap hits the nail on the head!

Critical Urgencies

LAWRENCE FERLINGHTTI continues to claim reality for poetry!

BATAILLE ON RIMBAUD in English by Mark Spitzer & Emmanuelle Pourroy!

BILL BERKSON on an extremely obscure recording!

HARIETTE SUROVELL discovers the secret of beating depression without pills!

C.B. BASSITY deconstructs a green limousine!


JOHN IVAN-PALMER romps knowingly through pop Sodom!

ANDY MILLER tells us why the future ain't worth remembering -- or is it?

SHELLEY BERC manifestoes a nouveau Theatre of the Mind!


DONNA KUHN uncovers the faceness of the world, like Picasso, only nicer!


Yow! BURNELL YOW! Unveils a cyberific Exquisite Corpse Project, surrealistic in its history, futurific in intensity!

TONY GREEN paints Venice the way the old courtesan likes it, faithfully but with a leer!


MICHAEL BREHM is our Daumier. Nietzche would have liked him a lot and bought his pictures.

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