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Exquisite CorpseExquisite Corpse
Issue 10 - A Journal of Letters and Life

EC Chair

Wherein the EDITOR describes with Impunity & Authority what makes this issue & other current issues impossible to ignore


MIRCEA CARTARESCU is one of Romania's most brilliant poets, fictioneers and critics. We have published sporadic translations of his work before, but the difficulties of making his dense, musical prose cross the waters has been formidable. We believe that he has found his translator in JULIAN SEMILIAN
PAUL GOLDBERG in a classic tale of immigration: Russian boy misses Grampa Moysha
The john in HELEN KITSON's tough hooker story shoulda worn a hardhat
Courtney Cox's Asshole
HAROLD WAYNE BOWMAN dissects punk youth
DENNIS MUST on Westley McCool's sentimental education
JOSH WARDRIP in a tale of Masturbation, Murder, and Performance Art
SABINA C. BECKER on Sex with Baguettes
DENNIS BROCK: Stories of Fucking and Dying in America
T. ANDERSON's "La Chincha" spends most of her time sucking
MICHELLE RICHMOND unveils threesome in brief prose
PETER FREUND on the love life of a Jewish Gary Cooper
JAMIE WASSERMAN in Sweet Romance with Piano
TOM BRADLEY on Mormon Ground Zero
What Americans are made of: WOTAN's extraordinary story of revenge set in Bosnia
A.C. KOCH: A mystery involving Identity, Incest, Sex, and Video.
JASON DEBOER rewrites "The Tempest" after Bataille and de Sade
OLYMPIA VERNON in a bruising tale of revenge
ANAMARIA BELIGAN unrolls a voyeuristic mystery through layers of good reading
TERRY JACOBUS romps through the blue-collar heart of Chicago
KEVIN MCCAFFREY in another tale of young mating rituals
WILLIE SMITH, the shy Seattle author of the shocking "Spider Fuck," which had Corpse readers vomiting all over the Internet, returns with two NEW stories

Critiques & Reviews

PENELOPE ROSEMONT on Women and the Surrealist Revolution, interviewed by DANNY POSTEL.
THE DR. SUZANN KOLE , PhD, FILE: Corpse Features the Classic American Battle between the Beauty (Dr. Kole's Daughter), the Beast (Wal-Mart), and the Internet
XAVIERA HOLLANDER: Camp Memoirs! Heroine feeds the hounds of hell
ROBERT GAL, the Czech Cioran, reprises the philosophical fragment afresh! Translated by CHARLES SABATOS
You Are a Stupid Stupid Fucking Wimp, by HENRY BROWN
JOHN SCHUERMAN lifts Jana Sterbak's Meat Dress
ALISON ROSS on Political Erectness! How to wear a political hardon
KEVIN PQ PHELAN reviews What the Fuck: The Avant-Porn Anthology
PATRICK PRITCHETT on The Politics of the Television Car Commercial
DALE SHANK: In Case of Heart-Attack
EDDIE WOODS: A Memoir of Smoking
DOUGLAS PUCHOWSKI on Postmodernism as 'Pataphysics Institutionalized
RICHARD COLLINS on Lawrence Ferlinghetti
LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI on KPFA and freedom of speech
JEFF SMITHPETERS reviews poet responses to the Shrub's first 100 days in office
Through HARIETTE SUROVELL's eyes: Watching it Hard
CODRESCU's thumbail reviews: A New Feature. For syndication contact: andrei@codrescu.com
DR. MENLO raises global consciousness with the Swordfighter of Today

Foreign Desk

American Hick in SPAIN by MARK BUDMAN
MICHAEL STANDAERT Deliberately Dissects Drunken Danes, Dontchyaknow
JOHN VERLENDEN on the Road to Damascus
MICKEY Z in Astoria Park
TED BREWER kicking through SARAJEVO way after WWI
TOM BRADLEY in CHINA's Underground Church


EUGENE MIRABELLI's new novel Trinacria, the tale of a painter dodging Death
TERESA BERGEN's protag dates a creepy older guy and
lives to regret it.
DAN FANTE's Mooch stumbles through a 9-day drunk as a fanged sex kitten shakes her sex in his face
MAURICIO MONTIEL FIGUEIRAS winds up Crowd as translator JEN HOFER battles monster virus with a crimson "hemorrhage in the middle of nowhere."
JULIAN SEMILIAN purloins himself in another scintillating incantation of majestic turbulence
ANDREW WILSON's Clever takes a major turn for the Po Mo, conjuring icons of all persuasions
KEITH ABBOTT's jocks keep up their shenanigans in Franklin Furpiece continued
Chum lambasts the land with MARK SPITZER's penultimate chapter. See April go lesbo, Nadine go postal



How real is real? NICK ROMBES on terror and academia! What sayeth you Baudrillardians now?
FREDERICK ZACKEL on Osama bin Laden and the Crusades! History, cont.
ARNOLD WESKER delivers a message straight from the holy mouth of God

Broken News

On October 11, 2000 one of, if not the largest, environmental disasters in the history of North America occurred deep within the APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS OF EASTERN KENTUCKY (USA). LARRY WILSON reports
YUGOSLAVIA FILE: SAM VAKNIN nails in sharp detail some of the craziness in the Balkans
CHINA, TIANNAMEN SQUARE: HAMMOND GUTHRIE, our man in Beijing, breaks out the list of New Competitive Games in the 2008 Olympics! SPECIAL! EXTRA
THE PENTAGON: MARTIN A. LEE on the wonderful new world of electromagnetic weaponry
WASHINGTON, DC: MARK N. KATZ from the heart of the beast! INSIDER REPORT
SORBONNE, PARIS: American Football! At the Sorbonne! Impossible? Read ZACK ROGOW for the shocking details
DEHLI, INDIA: Inexplicable Mystery of the Monkey Man, special to the Corpse from ARNAB RAY GHATAK
UNITED STATES: Presenting the award for United States Anti-Laureate is Miss Suzanne Somers...America's Anti-Laureate is ANSELM HOLLO! Special to the Corpse from ROBERT ARCHAMBEAU, High Commissioner, United States Anti-Laureate Commission
RONNIE BURK REPUBLIC, Somewhere in the USA: Our own Ronnie Burk, a true scientist who is his own experiment, faces down the judicial system; waves Corpse in self-defense
JOHN IVAN-PALMER's dogged search to interview the man who cut off the head of Yukio Mishima
KEVIN DUCEY on deer hunting! Travails of meat in the 21st century


Legendary New Orleans Photographer ERNEST J. BELLOCQ, introduced by REX ROSE.

PEGI TAYLOR is very creative! PHILIP KREJKAREC knows it! See for yourself!

See CLAUDIO PARENTELLA's imagination make things that make us happy

LYNNE DOUGLAS  has had some "self-quibble with balancing the concept of digital art vs photography, since the dawning of the Age of the iMac," but they are now both "drives" she "now" likes "to take."

SHALOM NEUMAN had a great art event in his New York loft about fifteen years ago, full of great art, and very sexy people. These "satirized metaphors" are redolent of that party, or am I Proust's cookie gulping down Pavlov's dog?

JOHN RANDOLPH CARTER's Dreams of Left and Right


Stage & Screen

MARC ELLIS injects Music into Drama for the first time ever on USA Internet
CLAUDIA STEVENS' quicky play raises questions of glottal vocalization


NICK ROMBES reviews unclassifiable music! Read! Listen!
ALFRED BURYCHKA comments on the flute-tooting synergy of wZ's techno evolution


Our READERS rave on, but we can take it

Cyber Bag

Voila! Bow down to the omniscient CYBER BAG -- wherein our contributors are made legend and stuff is perused
BARRY GIFFORD performs poetic tanka with ghosts Kerouac and Corso
EDMOND JABES passes chilling abstract suffering intact through translator KEVIN PQ PHELAN
WILLIAM LEVY spots river of sperm heading for Notre Dame Cathedral
BILL EVANS, the last of the wild cupcakes, speaks to us; he speaks to you, too
DENNIS HOLT voyages through wilderness marked by landmarks Olson, Creeley, Duncan, and others, and is confronted by variety of instructional perils, including own Periplus
GORDON MASSMAN speaks angelese in a hypnotic murmur populated by cats, dream-operations, and the crumbling empire of his diverted senses
KAREN WHITE, naked, wishes to teach armadillo to eat fire ants in backyard
GABRIEL and MARCEL PIQUERAY were Belgian surrealist writers, most active in the Forties and Fifties, and for that they are being punished here in translation by ROBERT ARCHAMBEAU and JEAN-LUC GARNEAU
RANDALL RADER on Lemurs, Darwin, and Simcity
SAVIANA STANESCU keeps deepening the metaphoric-erotic well of Romanian poetry that has been sporadically geysering in the Corpse thanks to translators ADAM SORKIN and LIDIA VIANU, now aided by JANA ROTESCU, and the vigilant poeta herself
JOHN HARRIS' depraved Catullian poesy! Sex is the main thrust! Don't be fooled by the art
UTAHNA FAITH's short poem comes from Real Life
HEATHER O'NEIL makes you move your hips
CHRISTOPHER LOCKE's themes are Masturbation, Smoking Crack, Love of His Cat, and Innocence
JAN VLADISLAV, eminent Czech poet and translator, englished here by MADELAINE HRON, wonders what he's doing between Locke and Robinson
ANTHONY ROBINSON half-dedicates one of his poems to Michael Palmer, and that's good enough for us
VALERY OISTEANU, chtonian pan-piper, urges orgiastic abandon
MARYANNE STAHL asks, please, Fuck me to Sleep!
JEFF STUMPO learned everything he knows from Mike Topp. Is this good? You be the judge
STEPHEN KIRBACH's work crackles with adolescent urban energy
GREG BACHAR makes boxes full of action
BRIAN BEATTY: Refreshingly American, right on the money
M.L. LIEBLER, Bard of Detroit, knocks them back with Gustafson, Sinclair, Mikolowski, and Codrescu
JENI OLIN begs us not to let her eat dinner, for the sake of estrous chinchillas in New Jersey! Put that down, Jeni
LEE VILENSKY, cabdriver, writes the cabby poems! The stuff that goes on! Omygod! Sticky backseats explained
MICHAEL STANDEART's poems are violent and pornographic! Are they also in English?
MATTHEW KEENAN telegraphs secret sexual practice from the Ivory Coast
GARY KEENAN hardboils us a poem & stays cool
NAT HARDY, tough Canadian acrobat, on the subject of fake orgasm
PARRIS GARNIER, tough city boy, hard-edges metaphor right up to freeway, then screws mayor's wife! Who said the Corpse is getting soft? Step out here
BARRY BLUMENFELD features L.A. night obsessions
BRIAN SWANN, long-time Corpse dweller, is All Thumbs
JOSEPH CORONITI's masochist saga takes one to exotic locales! Listen to the whip
ROBERT SWARD goes unafraid through the inevitable! We needed that! Too many of our poets think they can kill the demon by lullabying it to death. Ha!
DAVE BRINKS has been making tricky mechanisms in square boxes! They blow up if you try to open them, but you can drink them through a straw. Dreamy
SHEILA LANHAM, the slum-fleured lubricious-mouthed Sappho in our family, will stop at nothing
BRENTLEY FRAZER has precise nightmares in prose! We fear them
AMBER RIFE disciplines the disappointments of youth and moves our stone heart
JOE MAYNARD argues with his wife! Ostensibly not erotic, there is nevertheless spume at the core of the rant
KATIE KIDDER's "little Miss Elektra" has a thing for older guys. Take a number
MIKE TOPP is shameless on top of legendary! He now rips off Alfred Starr Hamilton! Is there no end to Topp-impunity
JOEL DAILEY is the saltimbanque whose hand springs are sometimes in popular kulchur, sometimes in the air full of letters
JAMES BROOK broadcasts from the penumbra, throws shadows from wound lantern
DAVID LEHMAN is not afraid to place Intelligence at the center of his poetic altar, but not before putting a sparkler up her ass
PAT NOLAN's narrative prosoemic works are saturated with dreams of reality, but not to the detriment of his signature attention to rigor
RICHARD COLLINS is the fresh new face of Zazen! About time
YAGO CURA negotiates immigration and newyorican with one hand behind his back
KEN WAINIO retains logic, Catholic sentiments, and calm before electronics
DR. CHARLES VERMONT knows danger: he looks out for the sheep
TERRY JACOBUS rededicates himself to poetry in fire test plus Catholicism
REBECCA LU KIERNAN is fresh like Lorca's Andalusia, earnest like Chicago after a good snowstorm, and sexy like a Martinican cricket (aka cra-cra)
JOSH BELL on why It's Hell Naming Flowers
JOHN CARTER's imagistic poetry flowers forth in hypertext

GEORGE QUASHA's erotic manifesto is a stormy verbal performance! Hold on to your hat

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